Spring Break Travel Hacks To Live By

by Kaitlyn Wylde

This winter seriously flew by and spring break is almost here, so if you haven't started to consider how you want to spend your vacation, you're going to want to get on that, ASAP! But don't freak out, of course: You're not too far behind. The good news is, planning super far in advance doesn't really give you any perks in terms of prices. Early booking deals are mostly folklore. All you have to worry about is availability and coordination at this point.

But mainly, planning spring break is sometimes just as fun as actually going on spring break. It's the perfect mid-winter distraction. Spending your days sneaking peaks on travel sites when your boss isn't around, and looking through pictures of all the beaches and reading about different adventures that you might actually get to take — it's a fantasy that you get to make a reality! What's more exciting than that?

But before you actually pull the trigger on any travel plans, you're definitely going to want to take a look at some of these travel hacks. You'll want to ensure that you're getting the best deal you can get and that you're totally prepared for whatever obstacles try to come between you and your amazing spring break.

Buy In That Sweet Spot

While buying suggestions are just that, most travelers agree that for booking a domestic flight, between three months and two weeks are the best time to buy. And for booking an international flight, between five months and two months are the best time to buy. Holidays should always be avoided and mid-week tends to hold the most flight deals.

Consider The Airport

Larger airports tend to have cheaper flights. If you're having trouble finding a cheap flight, check out some surrounding airports and see how much it would cost to find transportation to your destination for the alt airport. All together it might be cheaper than a more expensive flight to a more direct airport.

Search Incognito

Airlines and flight sites store your information to make searching easier for you. But they also have a tendency to jack up their prices when they see a return user watching a flight. Don't let them know what you're up to, search for flights incognito. Just open your browser, go to file and scroll down to "New Incognito Window."

Be Flexible

The best way to score a cheap and direct flight is to be flexible. Be open to multiple departure dates and consider neighboring areas for destinations. You might have had your heart set on the Caribbean, but you might want to consider a beach town in Florida by a major airport. Sometimes a little compromise will save you a lot of money.

Flight Compare

Check out sites like Hipmunk, Sky Scanner, Kayak, and Airfare Watchdog to make sure you're getting the best deal you can get when it comes to airfare. It's always good to compare deals and full scope of what the flight climate is like.

Do Your Research

Make sure you know about the place you're flying to. Is the water safe to drink? If not, you might want to bring a portable filter. Does this place have the same electrical system? If not you'll want to bring a converter. Does this place have conservative dress code? If so, you'll want to bring a cover-up. These are all things you'll end up spending money on if you don't plan properly ahead.

Get A Suitcase That Has Your Back

Whether you travel all the time or spring break is your only salvation, you're going to want to have a reliable suitcase. Travel Brand AWAY makes lightweight hardshell suitcases that have built-in charging ports for USB cords. So no matter where you are — whether you're stuck on an 18-hour flight with no plugs or in an electricity-free yurt in the woods, you can charge your phone. This bag will protect your belongings and maybe save your life. NBD.

Pack Some Dryer Sheets

No matter how clean your clothes are when you pack them, the mix of stale air and being mixed in with dirty shoes will probably leave them smelling less than fresh. To combat this issue, stuff a few fresh-scented dryer sheets into your bag. Hide them in shoes, in socks, in side pockets — anywhere you can.

Get A Carry-On That Holds It All

Dagne Dover

Make sure that you have a carry-on that has a special spot for all of your things — especially your laptop. You're going to have to take it out when you get to security, so you'll need to have it stored in a place that's easy to access so that you don't hold up the whole line. Make sure this carry-on keeps you organized and has enough room for everything you need on you. Dagne Dover makes a tote bag that has a designated spot for literally all of your portable possessions. This is the perfect bag travel bag because you can jam all of your in-flight needs inside, and then when you get to your destination, you can empty it out and use it as a pocketbook or beach bag because of its collapsing leather design.

Pack An Emergency Outfit In Your Carry-on

Dagne Dover

You always think that you're safe from losing your luggage, but sorry to break it to you, you're not. People lose their luggage all the time. It gets delayed, it gets lost, it gets left behind. To protect yourself from a sticky or stinky situation, make sure you pack all of your essentials in your carry-on. You should have clothes to sleep in, fresh underwear, comfortable shoes, an outfit for the next day, and all of your toiletries and medications that you might need in the next 48 hours.

Wear Diverse Shoes To The Airport


Even though your sneakers might be the most comfortable shoes you have, they take forever to get on an off at the airport and they're less than comfortable when you're actually on the plane. Instead, opt for some slip-on booties that are good for walking, will protect your feet from surprising weather and that will work if you end up having to go straight from the airport to wherever you're going. I've traveled around the world in a pair of Rockport Booties that have held up through sand, snow, mud, fancy dinners, horseback riding, and dozens of chaotic security checkpoints.