11 Photos From The "Day Without Latinos" Protest

by Kelly Tunney
David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facing President Donald Trump's America, people across the country have taken it upon themselves to defend minorities and those who feel they do not have a voice since the election. The day after Trump's inauguration, millions of women marched worldwide to stand up for women's rights. Taxi drivers in New York went on strike following the president's executive order on immigration. Yemeni bodega owners in New York shut down their stores for a day and demonstrated at City Hall in Brooklyn. On Monday, Wisconsin Latino residents flocked to Milwaukee to demonstrate a "Day Without Latinos," inviting immigrants and refugees to march with them to stand against Trump's immigration policies.

This year's annual "Day Without Latinos" holds an especially pertinent meaning as Trump attempts to restrict immigration into the U.S. and has focused much of his rhetoric on undocumented immigrants entering the country. He's pointed accusations specifically at Latinos, calling them "bad hombres" who he claimed are coming into the country and committing crimes. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke plans to enroll deputies in a federal program to allow them to act as immigration agents, saying, "There must be a zero tolerance for allowing people to illegally enter this country and establish permanent residency."

The march in Milwaukee was organized by Hispanic advocacy group Voces de la Frontera, and as they and thousands of protestors marched to the Milwaukee County courthouse, they shouted cheers of "Si, se puede," which translates to "Yes, we can," according to the Journal Sentinel. The paper also reported that Voces de la Frontera said more than 150 businesses were closing for the protests.

Marchers Carried Signs & American Flags

The Turnout Was Huge

Many Opposed Sheriff David Clarke

Protestors Came From Across The State

There Was Even Musical Accompaniment

Marchers Shouted "Si, Se Puede!"

Thousands Marched To The Courthouse

Clarke's Immigration Policies Were A Big Concern To Residents

Some Of The Impressive Turnout

Calls For Clarke To Resign

Wisconsin Lawmakers Even Joined In

Clarke, who was once in the running for Trump's Department of Homeland Security secretary nomination, has been a big supporter of Trump and also deportation. According to Salon, he's referred to Black Lives Matter as "Black Lies Matter," and has also derided the "war on police."

Although Clarke's plan to enforce deportation in Wisconsin is horrifying, it's at least a little encouraging to see how many people of the state came out to support immigrants and refugees and rebuff the sheriff for his views about important movements.