11 Stunning Eye Makeup Trends For 2017

Scenario: three months into the new year and you've found yourself in a makeup rut. Your standard daytime smokey eye feels monotonous, winged liner uninspiring and lips have been shellacked in the same trio of colors. Suddenly, your AM beauty routine errs more on the side of "chore" then "happy place". But, fear no longer — the cure to your makeup woes is here and it will shake up your cycle. Get ready to dip your brushes in the stunning eye makeup trends of 2017. New has never looked better.

Speaking personally, I, too, am not immune from this affliction. Though I dearly love my Urban Decay Naked palette(s), I feel restless if I stick to the same combo everyday. It's healthy to throw in a curveball every once in a while, and who knows, perhaps you'll end up adopting a beauty trend for good. Don't be afraid to try a little experimentation — your vanity might just thank you.

From funky eyeliner tricks to sparkly shadows fit for a mermaid space princess (AKA my dream aesthetic), there are endless eye makeup trends out there to delve into. Let 2017 be the year you explore beyond the comfort zone of cat eyes and the expected.

1. Pastel Rainbow

Make your '90s Lisa Frank fantasies a reality with an ethereal eyeshadow look — time to pile on the pastels.

2. Graphic Eyeliner

Tired of your everyday wing? Go comicbook heroine with this graphic eyeliner tutorial for an updated twist.

3. Mod '70s

Make like Brigitte Bardot and whip up your own mod-inspired eyes.

4. Magnetic Eye Shadow

Debate: magnetic shadows — gimmicky or not? Either way, it doesn't hurt to give it a trial run.

5. Glossy Pink Lids

Ah, glossy pink lids — very editorial, very effortless. There's no excuse in sitting this look out.

6. Eye Shadow Cut Crease

Introducing the double cut crease: your solution to revamping your shadow game.

7. Glitter Cut Crease

On the prowl for a subtle way to incorporate glamour to your daytime look? The answer's all in the glitter cut crease.

8. Orange Smoky Eye

This orange smoky eye is gorgeous in and of itself, but the unexpected pop of glitter on the inner corners is truly inspired.

9. Glitter Star Eyes

Starry-eyed has taken on a new meaning in the makeup front. This time around, it's a potion of sequined liners, face glitter and stick-on stars.

10. Dusty Rose Lids

When in doubt, paint on dusty rose — it's a refreshing alternative to the more vampy burgundy.

11. Modern Femme Fatale

I know I can always depend on makeup extraordinaire Lisa Eldridge to inspire my next look — this one's all about siren seduction.

Here's to the new year and lust-worthy makeup trends to come.