These Candles Will Make You Feel Like You're On A Tropical Island — And They're Under $20

With tons of fragrant candles on the market, it can be hard to pick and choose the best summer candles for your home or apartment. But, finding the right one for you is definitely worth the search. Who doesn't love the scent of fresh coconut, flowers, ocean waves, or other savory scents that scream summer? Besides, the next best thing to visiting a tropical island is to have your apartment or home smell like one. Even if you are lucky enough to be by a beach this summer, you'll still want to add these babies to your summer accessories list so you can take the ~peaceful~ smell of the fresh air and ocean waves with you back home.

After all, candles are a big hit throughout the year — especially during the winter holiday season — so why should summer be any different? It's time to swap out your warm vanilla and cinnamon scents in exchange for some fresher aromas.

So moral of the story: If you can't get to a tropical paradise this summer, turn your home into one with these summer-approved scents. And an added bonus: You don't have to spend your entire paycheck on these fun candles — you can find each of these picks for under $20.

Mini Capri Jar Candle in Aloha
9. Tocca Candelina Collection in Italian Blood Orange
10. Surf Out-Of-Doors Candle by United by Blue
11. Archipelago Botanicals Glass Jar Candle in Positano

Whether your prefer lily and sandalwood, fresh fruit, or the smell of the ocean, there's tons of affordable, summer-approved candles to choose from to make your home ~shine~. So sit back, pop open some bubbly, light your candle, and celebrate summer the best way possible: By relaxing.