11 Millennial Pink Accessories You Need For The Beach This Summer

Courtesy of Brands

Getting out and having fun in the sun is something those of us stuck in seasonal climates have been looking forward to all year, and now that summer is here, it's officially the season of glorious pool trips and sun bathing galore. If you want to do your lounging by a natural, un-chlorinated body of water, then I'd imagine a beach trip is in the works for you. And if you want to do that beach lounging as millennial-style as possible, then I'd imagine finding the prettiest millennial pink beach accessories is exactly where your head's at.

Say hello to the millennial pink things you need for the beach this summer. We already know we love the color made famous by Tumblr (a color that, according to science, we were all kind of bound to be obsessed with anyway). And frankly, the longer the trend goes on, the more we all seem to be leaning into it. Millennial pink is definitely here to stay. There are even countless foods that are utilizing the color, so it's no surprise that there's an abundance of occasion-specific gear to also meet your millennial pink urges.

You don't need a holiday to celebrate millennial pink, though. All you need is a desire to go do something fun, and there you have it. Read on to find out some millennial pink options for your next beach trip.

Women's Soft Mesh Tote Bag

Jelly Strap Pool Slide

Okay, I know these have the word "pool" in its name, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take every opportunity to 'gram these puppies in the sand. They're basically screaming to be dipped in the ocean.

Yes Way Rosé Beach Towel

There are so many millennial pink drink options to fall in love with this summer, from the best of vodkas to Angry Orchards to limited edition liqueur. Celebrate that fact by laying this cute towel in the sand.

Bluetooth Speaker

Blast some tunes in high quality sound, while keeping it pink. The right playlist will have everybody bopping around and living their best millennial pink lives.

Women's Aviator Sunglasses

See the world through rose-colored lenses, literally, with this millennial pink pair. The sun's rays are no match for your pink prowess.

Spaghetti Strap Sundress

This is perfect for lounging at the beach in between swims — or just for lounging around all day, because some of us are more here for the 'gram than the waves. More time in this cozy slip for you!

Jelly Patio Folding Chair

This lounge chair is great for sunbathing, and also great for showing off a serious sense of style. Yes, the details count when it comes to loving millennial pink, even concerning what you're sitting in.

Plumeria Flower Hair Clips

So clippable, so floral, so ... pink. This is the perfect accessory for your beach fly aways, to give a true ocean vibe to your post-swim hair.

Sun Hat

This ah-dorable hat can go from the street to the beach instantly. Anyone will turn heads with this fresh look (of course, those heads will have to mind their own business — cant' they read the embroidery?).

Women's Striped Halter Wrap One Piece

This swimsuit is not only a millennial pink day dream, but is perfect for any kind of beach romp, whether you're playing volleyball, catching waves, or chilling with some murder mystery reads on the shore.


Sunscreen should always be a priority, but to stay extra safe, take this adorable umbrella with you to beat the heat of the sun's rays! Your skin will thank you later.