These Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts Are Perfect For The Environmentalist You Love

Always opt for sustainable gifts when possible.

The most environmentally friendly way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to vow to only purchase sustainable Valentine's Day gifts. While purchasing anything new is not exactly ideal — the most sustainable thing to do is DIY a gift or buy one second-hand — ensuring that whatever you do purchase was made ethically and with the environment in mind is the least we can do. What's more, you'll feel good about supporting a company that is dedicated to created sustainable products, and you can also feel good about the fact that your Valentine is going to get some really good long-term use out of their gift.

Because sustainable shopping can be complicated, I've done the research for you, so you can trust that the items you're buying that claim to be sustainable, but are not obviously so, actually are. A gold ring may not an obvious choice for a sustainable gift at first glance, but if that ring is made of recycled gold, was designed by a company that has a small carbon footprint, and uses only ethical and eco-friendly practices and materials, it fits the bill.

Here are a few gifts that you can trust are made with the environment's health in mind, because nothing says "I love you" like showing that you love the planet your love lives on.

1. Nesting Trays

These nesting trays are great for organizing small items in any room. They're made with low impact materials that have an extra long life span, so you can count on them to stay sturdy for many years to come.

2. A Water Bottle

This ethically made reusable water bottle is triple insulated, so it keeps cold drinks cool for up to 25 hours and hot things warm for up to 12. And get this: It's big enough to hold an entire bottle of wine.

3. A Plush Robe

Made with 100 percent organic cotton, this robe is ethically produced, and super comfortable. It's absorbent enough to wear fresh out of the shower but thin enough to lounge around in.

4. Silk Pajama Set

This lux silk pajama set is ethically made, sourced, and packaged. Plus it's machine-washable, so you can wash it at home with the rest of your laundry.

5. A Vibrator

Meet the world's first biodegradable multi-speed vibrator, and it's not too good to be true. It's made with a starch-based bio plastic, so it's safe for internal use, and is totally recyclable and biodegradable.

6. A Grocery Bag

This reusable tote is versatile and stylish. It's made with plant-based fabrics and you can use it to carry everything from your personal items to groceries. It's also incredibly compact, so it's a great bag to keep in your handbag for unexpected shopping trips when you could use a reusable tote.

7. A Ring

This ring is made with 100 percent silver, by a domestic jewelry designer. It comes in zero waste packing and a guarantee that it was made ethically and with a low carbon footprint.

8. A Bag

This bag was made with eco-friendly vegan leather at an ethical factory. Additionally, Siizu is donating 10 percent of profits from their handbag collection to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

9. A Reusable Candle

Once you're done burning this delicious chai-scented soy wax candle, you can reuse the handmade ceramic pot to plant a flower with the wildflower seeds that are embedded in the label.

10. A Weighted Blanket

This blanket is made mostly out of planet based fibers like organic cotton and wood pulp. Unlike other weighted blankets, it's not filled with artificial materials, and it's guaranteed to be responsibly milled in Austria.

11. Face Cream

This rose water face cream is completely recycle bin friendly. If you don't finish the cream by the expire date, you can compost it. When you're done with the jar, you can recycle every piece of it, or reuse it.