11 Things People With A Birthday Near The Holidays Are Sick Of Hearing

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Birthdays can be the best day of the year or the worst day of the year, depending on how you regard it. Having a birthday in the middle of the holiday season might sound like a festive blessing, but in reality, it's much more of a curse — take it from me, a Christmas baby. After a while, you'll get used to people giving you a birthday present that's also a Christmas present. And after a while you'll get used to enduring the rest of the year gift-less, and without much to celebrate, but having to share the anniversary of your birth with a massive holiday like Christmas or New Years or Thanksgiving is something you'll never get over.

A birthday is supposed to be the one day of the year that you get to make it all about you. It's a celebration of your existence. It's a day where your friends and family shower you with affection and attention. It's the one day of the year where you're supposed to be able to wrangle everyone together for a night of festivities that you conduct. But when you share your birthday with a holiday, you're in its shadow. People are busy with other things, and you're forced to face the fact that if you chose to celebrate your birthday on your actual day of birth, it won't be about you, and not everyone will be able to make it. Sure, it gets easier as you get older, your perspective changes and it becomes an interesting quirk that makes your birthday special, but there are some things that you will get really tired of hearing when it comes to other people's opinions on your birthday. Here's what not to say to someone who has a holiday birthday.

"Do You Want One Big Gift, Or Two Separate Gifts?"

People think that because your birthday is on a holiday, they don't have to give you two separate gifts. But I'm sorry, not to be a brat, but everyone else gets separate gifts, so you should too. Fair is fair!

"Is This A Theme A Party?"

Just because your birthday is on a holiday does not mean that it's a holiday themed party. Nothing about your birthday feels like your own, so the last thing you want to do is make it even less about you than it already is.

"Can It Be A Holiday Party, Too?"

People will pressure you to make your birthday party a holiday party because it makes it easier for them. But you should feel free to have any kind of birthday party you please.

"Did Your Parents Plan It?"

No, they did not. And hospitals will avoid holiday births at all costs, so there's no way this birthday was planned. Trust, if your mom could have held out one more day, I bet she would have.

"Does It Suck?"

Yes, for the most part it does suck. Your special day is not all yours, and you never get the attention you need because of it. Sure, there are worse things, but when people ask you if it sucks, they're basically tell you that they think it does, which makes it even harder for you.

"Sorry I Forgot Your Birthday."

When your birthday is on a holiday, people are going to forget it — no matter how much they love you. You'd think they'd remember, but they'll get caught up with holiday plans and the day will go by without a reminder. The day after your birthday is when you'll hear from most people.

"That's The Best Birthday Ever!"

It's not amazing. It's a pain in the butt. Want to trade birthdays? I didn't think so.

"Sorry I Can't Go To Your Party"

Because your birthday is on a holiday, your friends will likely be out of town or have other plans with their family. Good luck having a birthday party on the actual date, literally no one will be able to show up. You'll have to get used to a lot of "no's" in the RSVP pile.

"Here's Some Pity!"

Pity just makes things uncomfortable. There's nothing you can do to change your birthday, so just try to make the most of it, you know? You don't want to have to console someone because they're bummed about your birthday.

"Should We Move Your Birthday?"

People always ask if it would be OK to celebrate the birthday on another day that's not a holiday. But doesn't that seem a bit unfair? Your birthday is your birthday, you can't change it because it's inconvenient for other people.

"What's To Look Forward To?"

When you get all of your presents during one time of year, it makes the rest of the year seem pretty boring. You don't have a lot to look forward to in terms of celebrations. When I was a kid, I used to ask my parents to save some of my presents for my half birthday, to make the year feel more balanced.