11 Things 'Fixer Upper' Fans Can Never Look At The Same Way Again

The homes renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines always have a certain signature style — the dynamic duo's aesthetic, particularly in terms of Joanna's keen eye for design and decor, can be spotted a mile away. For the past five seasons, the show's viewers have all but been frantically taking notes on what their favorite design trends are (or was that just me?) and there are definitely some things that every Fixer Upper fan knows to be true after watching the show. For example, the series has changed the way we look at certain design elements forever.

Whether fans' design preferences have been completely changed or just tweaked a little during the show's run, Fixer Upper has always offered new twists on old classics. Maybe you don't want a home that screams "country" at the top of its lungs, but perhaps you do want to incorporate some of those rustic, Southern, old-fashioned charms into the house. That's OK — that's Chip and Joanna's specialty. Whether they're adding blinding white subway tile to an otherwise olive green kitchen, throwing some white roses into a vintage watering can, or tossing some industrial-looking light fixtures into an otherwise traditional room, Fixer Upper's hosts managed to make things seem old and new all at once, hearkening back to the past and at the same time making room for the future. Here are some of their most notable trademarks from throughout the show.


Be honest — prior to Fixer Upper, you probably didn't even know what shiplap was. According to Apartment Therapy, shiplap simply refers to "wooden board that's often used for constructing sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings," and given Chip and Joanna's country chic vibe, it fits right into their designs. Fixer Upper fans everywhere have basically been moved to adhere shiplap to all their home's surfaces, so fans better hope it never goes out of style.

Giant Vintage Signs

These signs are big, bold, and distinctly the Gaineses. Joanna frequently uses graphic prints and signs with a vintage, rustic edge to take up a ton of wall space in a simple, classic way.

Amazing Front Doors

The Gainses have always been adamant about pulling off a big reveal, and that all starts with a front door. Rather than simply glossing over an aspect of a home that could easily be overlooked, Chip and Joanna are always into the big, feature doorways, making them the envy of all Fixer Upper fans.

Inspirational Quotes & Lyrics

Family has always been a big part of Fixer Upper. And their homes usually say so on the wall. Or a pillow. Or the rug. The couple always tends to add a little homey touch to Fixer Upper houses in the form of song lyrics like "You Are My Sunshine" or a quote that means something to the family they're designing for. Or, even, just the literal word "family."

Raw, Unfinished Wood Accents

Rather than polish entire homes from top to bottom, there's always a little rough charm in Fixer Upper homes. Whether Chip and Joanna leave entire bookshelves or furniture pieces unfinished, or just little details here and there in the home's structure, it adds a whole new layer of depth to a room.

Clear Glass Vases

Who would have ever thought that a simple glass vase would have become such a staple in Fixer Upper fans' hearts? These understated and classy as hell pieces fit perfectly with any color scheme and are a fitting vessel for all the plants Chip and Joanna tend to fill homes with.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants

There is certainly no shortage of greenery in Fixer Upper homes. If you're like me, you've taken this inspiration to try and fit as many plants as humanly possible into your tiny one bedroom apartment, instead of on the sprawling ranches usually featured on Fixer Upper. The plants keep things beautiful and elegant while still making people think of the outdoors, which is where the show draws a ton of it inspiration.

Old Books

Who says books are only for reading? No Fixer Upper design is complete without a few old timey stacks of books dotted among the vases and knick knacks carefully curated by Joanna. So before you throw out those old novels you've never gotten around to reading, give it a second thought, and maybe turn them into some essential shelf decor.


It doesn't even matter if you're using them to tell time — clocks, especially oversized ones, are a trademark of plenty of Fixer Upper home. It's something practical yet sometimes purely decorative, and often makes for an unexpected focal point, no matter what room it's in.

Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash really can tie the whole room together, and Chip and Joanna are pros are pairing interesting choices with the cabinetry and decor around it. You might never lean toward a black backsplash in a white kitchen, or a subway tile in an otherwise traditional room, but somehow they always pull it off, and it transforms the room.

Waco, Texas

It's not often that you see an incredibly successful television couple continue to maintain their hometown roots, but that's exactly what Chip and Joanna have done. Fixer Upper focused exclusively on homes in the Waco, Texas area, and it's where the couple still maintains the majority of their business, including their restaurant, Magnolia Table, a boutique, and their realty business. It's safe to say that Waco has been permanently put on the map as a tourist destination for anyone obsessed with the show, and the city's website even has an entire page dedicated to Fixer Upper.

Even though Fixer Upper is wrapping up for good on April 3 with its fifth season, fans have plenty of inspiration to last them a while. And with Joanna's spinoff, Behind The Design, coming up quickly, there's likely plenty more where that came from.