The Jaclyn Hill x KKW Video Is Finally Here

Things have truly come full circle for Jaclyn Hill. On Tuesday, the Jaclyn Hill x Kim Kardashian West makeup tutorial hit Hill's channel, and it's a huge moment for both her and her fans. For Hill, the occasion is momentous. The YouTube beauty guru began her career — which has now expanded beyond YouTube and into collaborations (with Morphe and Becca Cosmetics) as well as a potential upcoming line of her own — by recreating a Kim Kardashian makeup look. For fans, they're able to see their favorite makeup vlogger and celebrity beauty together on their computer screens.

Fans of Hill and Kardashian have been waiting for the video since the pair teased the collaboration in tandem while filming. During the creation of the video, they requested Twitter questions for a mini Q&A session while they got ready together using Kardashian West's KKW Beauty Contour & Highlight Stick and Hill's palette with Morphe.

In the video, the pair discuss their love of makeup, the products they use, and give a little insight into their everyday beauty routines. Of course, fans were also able to learn some inside knowledge about both Hill and Kardashian West, thanks to their laid-back approach to the video. The candid conversation appears easy for the two women whose jobs depend largely on social media, but while they may love their Snapchat and Instagram, fans were still able to learn new things about both Hill and Kardashian West.

Here are 11 things you might not have known about Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian West.

1. Hill Was Kardashian West's First YouTube Tutorial

At the start of the video, Kardashian West reveals that her first time watching a YouTube tutorial was Hill's review of the KKW x Kylie Creme Lipsticks.

2. Kardashian Doesn't Use Primer

While Hill swears by the Sisley Double Tenseur primer, Kardashian West revealed that she doesn't "really use primer."

3. Kardashian Has Loved Makeup From A Young Age

According to Kardashian, she and sister Kourtney first became interested in makeup after discovering concealer in Kris Jenner's makeup when they were very young.

4. Hill's Favorite Beauty Sponge Is From Morphe

In the video, Hill doesn't use a traditional beautyblender and instead opts for a sponge from Morphe that she reveals is her favorite for it's softness and shape.

5. Kardashian Uses A "3 Shape" To Contour

Kardashian uses a method that beauty fans might have heard before. To contour her face, she draws a 3 shape from her temple to her cheekbone to her jawline for that perfect look.

6. Kardashian West & Hill Both Have Major Beauty Regrets

When asked in the Q&A section of the video, both Kardashian West and Hill had some beauty regrets. For Hill, it was over-plucking her brows into that classic, ultra thin '90s shape. As for Kardashian West, she used to pair brilliantly hued eyeshadows with clothes in a matching color.

7. Kardashian West Wants Her Brand To Make Makeup More Approachable

When asked about goals for their makeup lines, Kardashian West revealed that a major goal for her KKW Beauty is to make seemingly difficult techniques and products feel more approachable to the everyday person.

8. Kardashian West's Makeup Evolution Comes From Two Things

Kardashian West was known for her gorgeous smoky eyes for some time, but she's transitioned into a more natural, glowing look. According to the video this is for two reasons. First, she explains that as a mom, she just doesn't have the time to spend in a makeup chair, but secondly, she also went through a major style evolution and part of it was a change in her approach to beauty. For those who love Kardashian's smoky eyes, though, don't worry — they could be making a comeback.

9. Kardashian West's Makeup Routine Is Super Short

If you thought it took hours to make Kardashian West look so flawless, it doesn't. According to the KKW Beauty creator, her makeup routine is only five minutes long.

10. Kardashian West Has Used Champagne Pop

While fans of Hill's know that Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have used Champagne Pop, Kardashian West has now joined the party telling Hill that she loves Becca and has used the collaboration in the past.

11. A Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Restock Is Coming

Hill had a bit of a surprise for fans. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill restock information is in the video's description box!

If you can't get enough of Kim Kardashian West x Jaclyn Hill, head over to Hill's YouTube channel now to find out even more about the pair.