11 Cheap AF Things To Do On Valentine's Day With Your BFF


Whether you are a Valentine's Day person or not, you may choose to spend the day with your best friend. Perhaps you two have an annual Valentine's Day ritual of hanging out. Or, maybe you're not dating anyone right now or just started dating someone and have decided not spend the high-pressure day together. In any case, that's what friends are for and, luckily, there are many cheap things to do on Valentine's Day with your BFF. After all, it's not about *what* you do, but *who* you spend the day with — and, let's be honest, your BFF has probably been there for you a LOT, through all your ups and downs. So it makes perfect sense that they're your bona fide Valentine's Day date.

"Valentine's Day is about ALL kinds of love — romantic, familial, platonic, and most importantly, self," Thomas Edwards, Founder of The Professional Wingman, tells Bustle. "No matter what you do for the holiday and who you spend it with, only two things matter: time with that person and the thought that's put into that time. It can be creative, and money can easily play ZERO role in it — and you can still have the best Valentine's Day ever." Like Edwards says, fun does *not* have to cost money.

Plus, sites like LivingSocial and Groupon can be money lifesavers, especially come Valentine's Day when a lot of places charge extra for things due to high demand. If you're looking for some Valentine's Day inspiration for you and your BFF, look no further than the ideas below.


Go Hiking


Hiking is a perfect go-to activity for you and your best friend. Not only will you get the endorphins going, but you'll also get the conversation going, too. Plus, hiking usually takes place in a serene setting, so you can also have some quiet and meditative time while walking or sitting side-by-side. Depending on what time of day you go, you can pack a picnic, too. And if you take the hike during sunrise or sunset, even better.


Have A Movie Or TV Night


Chances are, you and your BFF have similar movie and TV tastes, and now's the time to see. Whether you decide on movies or shows together or you both choose a few favorites, you can make your Valentine's Day evening into a fun, low-pressure viewing extravaganza. Whether you order pizza or cook something together (see #3), you're bound to have a good time.


Cook Together


OK, I know — maybe neither of you are the cooking type, but there's no time like the present to at least try. Whether you order something from Plated and cook it up together or go old school and use a cookbook to find a meal to make, it'll be a great way for you two to bond as well as have a satisfying reward afterwards — your homecooked meal.


Have A Sleepover


Just because you're in your 20s, 30s, or beyond, doesn't mean you cannot have a sleepover like you did when you and your BFF were teenagers. You can combine some of the above ideas into this one — like a movie/TV night and cooking together — and then end the evening staying up all night talking about life, your goals, dating, you name it.


Go To The Park

BigLike Images/Fotolia

Even if there's snow on the ground where you live, going to a local park is still an enjoyable thing to do. Just wipe the snow off the swings and playground equipment and you're good to go. Plus, you'll likely have it to yourselves since so many people may be adverse to going in the cold. But as long as you bundle up, you and your BFF will have a memorable time and get a chance to be kids again.


Go Down Memory Lane


No matter how long you and your BFF have been friends, you likely have a lot of photos together. Yes, even though 99 percent of them may be on social media these days, perhaps you also have some framed. If not, why not get some printed out and spend Valentine's Day making some scrapbooks for each other and retelling fun stories from the past? By the end of the night, you can exchange scrapbooks, and not only did you do a fun activity together, but you also end up with a cool, thoughtful DIY Valentine's Day gift.


Go Camping


Even if you live in a cold climate, you can still go camping — the key is being prepared for outside elements. If people go winter camping in snow and ice in Arctic temperatures, you can go camping when it's not nearly as freezing. Plus, it's a great way to take a road trip (see #8) together to your camping destination. Aside from being a great way to spend quality time together, you'll also benefit from spending time with nature and unplugging from your regularly scheduled life.


Take A Road Trip


Yes, Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday this year, so you and your BFF can either take off work for this road trip or take an evening trip to the next city over. Or, you can do so on the weekend after Valentine's Day. Whatever you decide, there are probably a lot of neighborhoods and towns or cities near yours that neither of you have explored. Then why not do so together?


Check Out Some Thrift Stores


Nothing spells fun more than finding great deals on cool vintage clothes, especially when you're with your BFF. You two are bound to have fun together trying on a myriad of outfits, but you'll also end up with some Valentine's Day gifts in the form of your "new" clothes, whether you buy them for yourself or for each other.


Go To An Arcade


Going to an arcade is an easy, yet super fun, thing you and your bestie can do on Valentine's Day, whether you find an old school arcade like Headquarters Beercade in Chicago or a place like Bowlmor, where you not only get arcade games, but also interactive ones and bowling. Of course, you may be a Dave & Buster's person, and games are half-price on Wednesdays — which is perfect since Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday this year. Many arcades not only serve drinks, but food, too, so you can make a whole night of it.


Go Ice Skating Or Sledding


Since it's cold across much of the country and world right now, going ice skating or sledding seems like the perfect wintry Valentine's Day thing to do. Even if it's been years or decades since you've put skates on or have gone tobogganing, you and your BFF can get reacquainted with one or both activities together. You can either find a local rink or hill to go to or one outside the city. No doubt, wherever you go, you'll have an amazing time.

As you can see, the Valentine's Day possibilities with your BFF are endless, and they're cheap and barely have to cost a thing — except time together, just as Edwards points out above. And spending the day or night with someone you love and appreciate is key.