11 Things To Get Your Mom On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018


Everyone knows that getting your holiday shopping done on Black Friday is a great way to save money and get ahead of the holiday shopping chaos, but what you might not know is that going into your shopping spree with a clear goal can make all the difference. The last thing you want to be doing on one of the biggest sale days of the year is winging it. Try focusing on things to get your mom on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and simplify the goal. With one clear mission, you're bound to come away from the sale racks with some great gifts.

To make your shopping trip even easier, I've put together a list of mom-friendly items that you can be on the lookout for this year. They range from beauty items, to cleaning gadgets and everything cute and festive in between. Whatever you decide to get your mom, make sure you get it on Black Friday so that you can get one of the most important gifts out of the way. That will make your holiday season a lot less stressful, and saving some money on one of the biggest gifts of them all will help you to free up some funds for everyone else.

Lipstick That Gives Back

Pinks With Purpose Lip Color Duo


Bobbi Brown

Instead of just giving your mom any old lipstick combo, give her a lipstick combo that gives back. For every set purchased, $17 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

A Smart Bulb

Lenovo Smart Bulb



If your mom is easily wowed by high tech items, get her a smart light bulb that she can control with Alexa or Google Assistant. All she has to do is wake one of the genies and then ask them to turn the light on or off.

A Winter Skin Care Set

Skin Summit


First Aid Beauty

This epic collection of items is on a major holiday sale, so your mom can get some Ultra Repair Cream, Face Cleanser, Facial Radiance Pads, Ultra Repair Oatmeal Mask and Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum for less than half the value.

A Cozy Chic Coat

Liz Claiborne Woven Belted Midweight Overcoat



This cozy belted coat comes in charcoal, black and red and is on a major sale this Black Friday. Give your mom something that she'll actually want to wear this holiday season — a jacket as cozy as a blanket.

A Robot That Cleans

Roomba 960



This robot vacuum cleaner connects to WiFi so that you can control it from an app on your phone. With just the lift of a finger, you can clean all the floors in your home, and even under furniture, too. So instead of gifting your mom another handmade coupon good for a housecleaning, gift her something that will actually clean the house, and not just say it will.

A High-End Vegan Bag

Eloise Satchel


Angela Roi

This satchel is surprisingly roomy considering its svelte shape, but most importantly, it's totally vegan. Your mom won't believe that it's not real leather, but I promise it's animal friendly — it's just ~really~ well made.

Not Your Average Shower Cap

The Delia


Shhhower Cap

Shower caps are finally cute. Give your mom permission to toss her old rubbery cap and gift her a chic and fashionable shower cap that she'll probably want to wear out of the house.

Handmade Wine Glasses

Stemless Rustic Wine Glass



Etsy is definitely one of the best places to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and these stemless ceramic wine glasses are the perfect reason why.

Chic Holiday Sunglasses

Tulip Sunglasses


Nicole MIller

While nearly everything on the Nicole Miller site will be on sale this Black Friday, a fierce pair of sunglasses are always a safe bet, especially if you're unsure about sizing.

All-Purpose Moisturizer

Pure Nilotica Melt



This is a pot of liquid — and sometimes solid — gold. Nilotica is the African version of Coconut oil, it behaves similarly in the jar, but it's thick, creamy, buttery texture on the skin is like nothing else. Your mom will use this on everything from her face to her heels.

A Custom Hair Care System

Customized Hair Care System


Function of Beauty

This haircare brand is unique, just like your mom. You can pick everything about this shampoo and conditioner combo from the color, to the scent, to the utility. Plus, it's 25 percent off your purchase price on Thanksgiving.