11 Things You Never Knew About Jax From 'Vanderpump Rules'

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Bad boys: You can't live with them, you can't live without them. When it comes to Vanderpump Rules' resident bad boy, Jax Taylor, that maxim has never been more true. Despite opening up his life to the cameras and letting it all hang out, it turns out there are things we don't know about Taylor; that needs to be remedied right here, right now. Surely you don't want to go around not knowing these crucial details about one of the most divisive, enigmatic, and handsome reality TV stars currently on television, do you? Of course not. So let me give you all the details and bring you to a state of total Jax enlightenment.

According to the Vanderpump Rules lore, Taylor moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of fame and fortune through modeling. Taylor certainly has the chiseled looks of a male model and boy oh boy, does his constant appearance on the show remind us of that. But while he's got many fans fanning themselves, he's also earned a bit of a reputation as a lovable scoundrel. Sure, he gets himself into sticky situations and accidentally gossips about his friends, but Taylor is a pretty stand-up guy at the end of the day.

There is so much more to Taylor than what you see on Vanderpump Rules; keep reading and prepare to have your mind blown.

1. His Name Isn't Jax Taylor


Surprise! Taylor's actual name is Jason Cauchi, and if you listen closely in Vanderpump Rules, you'll hear people use it from time to time. The name change occurred when he moved to Los Angeles. While Taylor contends he wanted a "stage name," Tom Sandoval alleged that Taylor changed his name to escape a shady past. Whatever the reason, I think the new name suits him rather well.

2. He Joined The Navy Before Moving To Los Angeles ‌


In a Complex magazine profile, Taylor joined the Navy after attending Michigan State University, believing he had "nothing else [going for him]." The profile goes on to note he was stationed in Kosovo for an unspecified amount of time and that Taylor doesn't readily discuss it.

3. He Takes Sports Very Seriously ‌

Taylor was born in Detroit and that means he is, to his core, a fan of all Detroit teams. He always makes sure to show his support for his home teams, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Lions, whenever possible on Instagram and Twitter.

4. He's Comfortable Enough To Share His Beauty Secrets

There's no need to feel ashamed about a little touch-up here and there and Taylor is definitely in that camp. Taylor's beauty routine includes a little minor plastic surgery just to keep that youthful glow about him. Nobody said the Fountain of Youth came for free, my friends.

5. He Is A Feminist ‌

Given his history with women, it may be easy to balk at Taylor's recent turn towards feminism. But after learning from Vanderpump Rules co-star Ariana Madix that there is a luxury tax on on "feminine hygiene" products in an onscreen exchange, Taylor was flummoxed. "There's a tax?" he replied and continued to state that it was completely unfair before completing shaking off his male-privilege blinders and making an official announcement to his friends at SUR.

6. He Used To Live With Channing Tatum ‌


Taylor revealed that he used to live with Tatum in New York City. I'm going to need to see photos, souvenirs, and proof of cohabitation ASAP, guys. This is very exciting news and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we need those receipts.

7. He Loves Skiing ‌

Taylor's regularly documenting his travels and that includes the ski trips he takes. He is usually accompanied by real-life BFF's Sandoval and Tom Schwartz (would you expect anything else?). He recently conquered a double Black Diamond trail during a trip to Big Bear Mountain.

8. He Used To Play Hockey ‌

Taylor is not just an avid sportsman, he also used to play. An adorable Instagram throwback highlighted his hockey-playing glory days and proved that even back in the day, Taylor was a total all-star.

9. He Has A Younger Sister ‌


Taylor's precious Instagram memory reminded fans that he is, in fact, an older brother. Not much is publicly known about his sister, Jenny Lynn, except that she still lives in Michigan. When will she make her debut on Vanderpump Rules?

10. He Is A Total Dog Lover ‌

Taylor has two pups, Kingsley and Monroe, that he is constantly cuddling with on Instagram. Just like his employer, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor is a total animal lover and never shies away from an opportunity to show off his canine companions. Kingsley and Monroe even have their own Instagram accounts. Bless.

11. He Once Performed A Topless Monologue On Watch What Happens Live

WWHL Clubhouse! on YouTube

Listen, Taylor may be a bit of a cad, but he's a handsome man, too. He used that beauty perfectly when he performed a monologue from The Devil's Advocate on Watch What Happens Live as part of their "Topless Monologue" series. It turns out Taylor's quite the thespian, too.

Is it getting a little hot in here? I may have to go calm myself down with a SUR-inspired cocktail.