The Weasley Kids Are The Ultimate #SiblingGoals

by Kerri Jarema
SOURCE: Warner Bros.

Ah, siblings. Can't live with 'em, can't take on the Dark Lord and help save the Wizarding World without 'em. Or at least, that's the case for the seven Weasley siblings. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George, Ron and Ginny were a major part of the Harry Potter universe since Sorcerer's Stone, and throughout the seven years contained in the books they gave us countless moments of literary sibling envy. Have you ever opened a magical joke shop with your sibling? Or broke into the Department of Mysteries with them? No. But you have probably sat down for a few killer meals, cracked tons of jokes at their expense and helped them get out of some trouble (or, ahem, into some) more times than you can count. The Weasleys were the best of magical family goals and true to life sibling moments that made them all at once enviable and super relatable.

We've compiled 11 of our favorite Weasley sibling moments below. These are the best examples of not only their willingness to stick together through parental meltdowns, evil professors, and, oh yeah, a that super tiny war they all fought together for the safety and freedom of all wizarding kind. No big, deal. Just an average day in the life of the Weasley kids.


When Ron, Fred and George Rescue Harry In The Ford Anglia

The first time we really get to see Fred and George in all of their mischievous glory is when they, along with Ron, fly their father's illegally magicked car to break Harry out of his bedroom at Privet Drive. Not only did they the twins risk Mrs. Weasley's wrath to help their little brother rescue his best friend, all three of the boys took responsibility for their actions following their mother's blow up. Now that's brotherhood.


When Ron Went Into The Chamber Of Secrets To Save Ginny

OK, so Ron finds out that Ginny is the Hogwarts student that has been taken in to the Chamber and without a moment of hesitation is teaming up with Harry to get her out of there. He goes into the Forbidden Forest and takes on an army of gigantic arachnids even though he is terrified of spiders, dodges Lockhart's memory charm, and painstakingly moves collapsed boulder after boulder to clear a path back out. Wait for the grown-ups to get stuff done? Yeah, right.


When They All Went To The Quidditch World Cup Together

The family that sports together stays together? In the case of the Weasleys, it's always fun to watch them take part in something special, knowing full well that they struggle to make ends meet. Between Bill, Charlie and Percy's smug sleeping in (thanks to their ability to apparate), Fred and George's gambling with Ludo Bagman, and Ron's obsession with Viktor Krum, their trip to the Quidditch World Cup was equal parts hilarious and sweet...well, before that Dark Mark appeared in the sky, but that's a whole other chapter.


When The Boys Realize Ginny Is A Badass

Ginny Weasley went from the sweet little sister who didn't get to go to Hogwarts, to the timid Harry obsessed kid to one formidable witch with some serious power. In fact, by the time she was in her fourth year she was known for Bat Bogey hexing the hell out of her enemies and impressing everyone in Dumbledore's Army with her stellar spell casting. And from then on, none of her older brothers underestimate her ability to kick major ass... lest they be hexed by the best.


When Fred Forgave Percy During The Battle Of Hogwarts

While one of the most heart-wrenching moments in the series, it's also one of the times that the sibling love between the Weasley kids is shown to be the strongest. Despite ostensibly joining the dark side and going against his family (and Harry) in favor of pursuing his outsize ambitions, when the battle really began, Percy knew where he really belonged. And the siblings welcome him back no questions asked. After all, ignoring the offenses of your siblings when its most important is what family is all about.


When Fred And George Opened Their Joke Shop

After leaving school in one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series and Hogwarts history, Fred and George finally do what they were always meant to: open a joke shop in Diagon Alley. Fred and George sell laughs and jokes — exactly what young wizards need just before the next wizarding war begins. Knowing what would befall Fred not too long after (insert cry face emoji here) made seeing the twins' dreams become a reality that much sweeter.


When Charlie Helped Ron Get Rid Of Norbert

Charlie not only accepted the fact that Ron was technically in possession of an illegal creature (yes, it was Hagrid's but Ron was complicit here, let's be honest), he also arranged for a crew to come take him away in the middle of the night (when he knew Ron would be breaking some major Hogwarts rules if he were out of bed). Plus, he didn't even tell Mrs. Weasley about it. Best older brother ever? Probably.


When They Were All Part Of Harry's Guard

The thing about the Weasley family is that they are all bold and brave af. With the entire crew being in Gryffindor, that's not really a surprise. But even accounting for that, their commitment to helping Harry fight Voldemort and his followers is astounding. When the war was beginning in earnest, they came together to escort Harry to The Burrow, all taking Polyjuice Potion to take on his identity. They knew full well that they could have been captured, tortured or killed, and they did it anyway. If you and your siblings don't work hard to be as bad ass as the Weasley kids, you're doing it wrong.


Whey They Brought Christmas To 13 Grimmauld Place

Their father had just been attacked by a snake and almost didn't make it to see Christmas, but did that stop the family from bringing the joy of the holiday to Grimmauld Place, and attempting to lighten up Sirius's dreary home for a few days? Nope. As long as the siblings are together, they don't complain, not even when Mrs. Weasley's gifts prove to be...less than desirable. Basically, if you ever want to eat, drink and be merry, no matter the circumstances, get yourself an invite to a Weasley family party.


When Ron Is The Typical Older Brother

Ron was always the stereotypical older brother when it came to Ginny dating. While any younger sibling probably rolled their eyes in recognition at his actions, these were some of Ron's most endearing moments. Who could forget his reaction to seeing Ginny and Dean snogging down at the pub? Or his adorably, begrudging acceptance of Harry and Ginny's relationship? Just look at him sitting there, eating mince pies, totally unaware (or is he?!) of his master romantic interference.


When The Actors Who Played Them Were Equally Adorable IRL

The Harry Potter crew still gets together publicly from time to time, and whenever they do it's like watching the Weasley kids come to life all over again. Whether they're playing pranks or remembering what it was like to play these iconic characters, we can't help but adore watching (and laughing at) every single moment. And knowing that the actors are as close as their counterparts is just icing on the pumpkin pasty that is the HP franchise.