11 Places You Should Visit This Spring Now That The Weather Is Warmer

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Whether you're in school and you have a designated spring break, or you're in the professional world and you're ready to cash in your vacation days, you'll want to brush up on some spring travel ideas and really make your next trip count. Instead of returning to a place you've been before, or randomly picking the warmest destination in sight, be practical about it. Cash in on an off-peak season sale. Take advantage of an airfare deal and travel smart.

Here I've put together a list of places that are particularly worth visiting in the spring. Winter and summer are the biggest travel seasons, with everyone trying to get somewhere warm when it's cold and everyone trying to get to the shoreline when it's hot, which leaves spring with less crowds, better deals, and more freedom to be flexible. If you managed to make it all the way though the winter without taking a trip, you're probably chomping at the bit to get out and explore. So lean into you that wanderlust and plan the trip that you deserve. All the while taking full advantage of the most peaceful travel season, IMHO.

Here's where to go this spring:

Washington D.C.

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Spring is D.C.'s month to really flex. With the National Cherry Blossom Festival, there's a huge influx of tourists, but that doesn't mean you'll be priced out of a good experience. There's actually tons of free activities that the city offers during this time, so it's worth the crowds if you can handle them. If you do nothing else, make your way to the nation's capital to get a good look at the most stunning display of spring, the only time of year in which the entire city is literally tickled pink.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

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People often write off Hilton Head as a golf-lover's paradise, but you don't have to play golf to find paradise there. This peaceful, idyllic island is at its prime in the spring — you'll find the best flight and hotel deals during this time. Enjoy empty beaches, open bike trails, and the perfect backdrop for some sincere rest and relaxation.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Nantucket in the summer can be hot, crowded, and extremely expensive. Nantucket in the spring can be peaceful, private, and totally affordable. Once you know this secret, I don't know why you'd go any other time — this island shines in the spring. In April, there's a Daffodil Festival that's essentially a weekend-long flower parade, aka, a bohemian dream come true, and totally worth planning a trip around. Enjoy fresh local food without the wait, quiet beaches without the crowding, and accommodations that won't empty your pockets.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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People mostly think of Jackson Hole as a winter wonderland, the but mountain landscape has the most stunning transition in the spring. The same mountains that you can ski down, you can hike up. During the spring you'll save on flights and hotels, plus you'll have a chance to see wildlife, making it a truly remarkable time to visit.

New York City, New York

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When New York City starts to thaw out and bloom, the air changes. There's a palpable energy that buzzes around you, encouraging you to walk a few blocks farther, stay out a few hours later, and try something new. Plus, it's the last time to visit the city before the summer humidity creeps in, and if you've ever experienced a NYC heat wave, you know it's not ideal. Spring is by far the best time to explore the city and find good deals on accommodations.

New Zealand

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As New Zealand moves out of its warmest months and into its colder season, tourism slows down, making it the perfect time for you to visit. Because it can be very expensive to make the trek to the country, picking a shoulder season will help you save some money, which can make the trip a lot more feasible. What's more, because our spring season is their fall season, you'll get the unique opportunity to experience the turn of season in a new direction — a thrill all on its own.

Crete, Greece

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Crete is the largest Greek Island, which means there's a variety of adventures you can sign up for when you visit. From village tours to nature walks and every beach-friendly activity you can think of, you'll be entertained if you want to be. When you visit in the spring, lines will be shorter and it will be easier to get around, from activity to activity. And, if you choose to do nothing but chill, you'll actually be able to achieve some peace and quiet during the spring season.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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April is peak tulip season in the Netherlands and you better believe the floral displays make it worth the trip. Other than an abundance of bright flowers everywhere you look, you'll find flea markets, seasonal pop ups and spring-themed celebrations because the Dutch celebrate the spring like none other. Pro tip: pack bright colors (orange) if you want to fit in, because that's what they'll be wearing.

Reykjavik, Iceland

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People are obsessed with Iceland in the dark months because of the northern lights, but Iceland in the light months is just as beautiful. And personally, I think the prospect of endless light is just as interesting as some swirly lights. If you don't have a ton of time to travel, you can at least make the most of each day knowing that you'll have the light and energy to cram in as much adventure as you can fit.


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Monaco is the world's smallest country, so visiting during a non-busy time is pretty much essential. Visiting the country in the spring before all of the chaos of the Grand Prix is ideal. You'll still get beautiful weather, but you'll also get some space to explore and less competition with hotel rooms and flights.

Venice, Italy

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Venice is beautiful year-round but in the months of March and April, tourism slows down a bit, making it the perfect time to visit. Plus, you'll beat the summer humidity which can make a long day in a busy city pretty uncomfortable.