11 Ways You Didn't Realize Meghan Markle's Life Will Change When She Becomes A Royal

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It's normal for brides-to-be to prepare for big changes in their lives, but for Meghan Markle, she's not only gaining a husband with her wedding, but a royal title as well. It turns out, there are rules Markle will have to follow once she's a royal, and it harkens back to the classic Spider-Man line, "With great power comes great responsibility." For Markle, that power will come with a weird change in responsibilities though, as there will be certain things she'll no longer have to worry about, like, say, voting. However, some completely new responsibilities will fall on her shoulders.

Remember in The Princess Diaries when Princess Mia has a complete meltdown because she doesn't think she can handle the responsibilities of becoming an heir to the throne? Well, if you figure that the fictional land of Genovia — though it's real in everyone's hearts — had a small population, imagine all the heaping responsibilities that Markle will have to adopt with her crown. In order to prepare for those royal duties, Markle is learning how to handle all-new sets of rules, including what to do in a hostage situation. According to W Magazine, the British Special Air Service will teach Markle how to escape from physical restraints and psychologically trick anyone who might capture her.

Normal wedding prep involves picking out which song the band will play, but Markle's is a little more hands-on, you could say. Here are some other ways her life will change as a royal.


No More Personal Social Media

According to The Sun, Markle will share the Kensington Palace social media accounts with William and Kate. In fact, she's already deleted her Twitter and Instagram.


She Won't Be Voting In British Elections — Or American


Markle Will Have To Be Followed By Security At All Times

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You've probably already noticed that even before they're married, Prince Harry and Markle are always trailed by security.


She Won't Be Acting

According to Glamour, the royal duties that Markle must adopt will take over her time, and she will no longer work as a commercial actor.


She Will Have A New Title

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As royal expert Alastair Bruce told InStyle, Markle will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales, though the Queen could also grant Markle a title as duchess as she did Kate.


Markle Will Have To Pack An All-Black Outfit For Any Trip

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This might be one of the strangest traditions, but royals must have black outfits at the ready in case somebody dies.


She Will Have To Interact With Fans In A Whole Different Way

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It's highly frowned upon for royals to interact with fans beyond waving and smiling. You'll probably be hard pressed to get either an autograph or selfie with the future princess.


Royal Family Members Must Accept Any Gift They're Given

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No matter what the gift is, a royal must accept it, which seems easy enough a rule to comply with.


The Future Princess Will Have To Follow Strict Etiquette Rules

Markle likely will take lessons in etiquette, and she will be expected to sit and curtsy in certain ways as a princess.


Her Eating Habits Might Change A Little

The royal family doesn't serve potatoes, rice, or pasta for dinner, and you probably won't find anything cooked with garlic, according to the National Post.


She Can't Play Monopoly At Family Game Night

As The Telegraph states, Prince Andrew Duke of York banned Monopoly with the Royal Family in 2008. Sorry, Markle, you'll have to stick with charades.

Though some of these are small changes, when combined, they make for an entirely new way of living one's life. But don't worry, Markle seems up for the challenge.