12 Bath Oils & Salts To Help You Achieve Peak Relaxation

Stas Pylypets / Stocksy

Taking a bath can offer a whole host of benefits, from giving the body a deep clean to allowing the mind to fully switch off while laying silently. What's more, there are a seemingly endless supply of bath products to choose from to make your experience all the more zen like, including my edit of the very best bath oils and bath salts.

As mentioned, taking a bath is beneficial in so many ways. Had a crap day? Take a bath. Need a bit of privacy and silence? Hop in. And while the effects of bathing can seem trivial, studies have revealed that taking a relaxing bath can actually have noticeable positive side effects for things like our mental health. According to The Guardian, a recent study conducted by the University of Freiberg found that those who take a regular hot bath can feel the benefit in their mood, especially those who struggle with health issues such as depression. Interesting...

While taking a hot bath is great, try not to run the water too warm, as skin can become dry. Also note that taking a bath before bedtime is often best, as it can help wind you down after a long day and prepares us for sleep.

So start running the taps and pick up one of these beautiful oils for your best bath yet...

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil


Aromatherapy Associates

Using deeply relaxing essential oils such as vetivert and camomile, this is the perfect oil to induce a soothing snooze.

Susanne Kaufmann Winter Bath Oil



This may be a little spenny, but just look at that bottle. Susanne Kaufmann's special glass bottles look beautiful on your bathside, and this comforting winter scent is perfect for this time of year.

Radox Bath Therapy Detoxed Bath Salts



At just £2.50, you can't go wrong with Radox bath salts. These fruity, muscle-relaxing salts will leave you feeling cleansed and detoxified.

Mauli Himalayan Healing Salts


Look Fantastic

This generous pot of bath salts fuses therapeutic oils, Himalayan pink salts and rose quartz crystals. It'll completely transform your mood as well as leaving skin soft and smelling great.

ESPA Soothing Bath Oil



ESPA's spa-based approach to bodycare ensures you'll feel completely relaxed, all in the comfort of your own bathroom. This features sandalwood, sweet almond oil and rose geranium.

20 Min Mulled Wine Bath Salts



Not only are these bath salts infused with antioxidants and other ingredients to treat and brighten skin, they also smell EXACTLY like Christmas. Just make sure you don't accidentally drink them...

Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak


Space NK

Missing the summertime? Soak up in the tub with this coconut delight, which smells insane and make skin feel utterly glorious, like silk.

Himalayan Detox Salts


Cult Beauty

These salts are best known on the blogsphere for sending even the biggest of insomniacs to sleep. Packaged in a heavy set reflective black jar, these are the chicest salts you could find.

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil


Cult Beauty

Using Moroccan Rose Otto and Rose Absolute, this decadent oil is packed full of essential oils for a nourishing, hydrating experience.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir


Jo Malone

Everyone deserves a bit of Jo Malone in their bathroom — and this mini version of the brand's bestselling Pomegranate Noir bath oil is accessible to all.

Ameliorate Softening Bath Milk Oil


Cult Beauty

Love bath treats but struggle with dry or sensitive skin? Ameliorate is dedicated to soothing skin that suffers from things like eczema and their bath oil is super luxe and softening.

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak


This Works

Love the This Works pillow spray? Double up with these comforting salts, which feature notes of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile.