12 Of The Best Gemma Collins Memes For When You Need A Pick-Me-Up, Darlin'

by Aoife Hanna
Steve Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock

It's the GC. The OG. The VIP. The OMG, and guys she has a brand spanking new show. The woman is TV gold and I have been waiting for Gemma Collins' hot new series Diva Forever like a child impatiently waiting for Christmas day. The series is basically a guaranteed hit with fans, if only for the memes. Because we all know that they are the gift that literally keeps on giving. Well, lucky for you, I've curated a list of the best Gemma Collins memes out there ahead of the show so you can sit back and LOL as much as you want.

Collins is the queen of the huns. The mother of memes. And now Diva Forever is going to give us the content we've all been waiting for since TOWIE season 24 (!) went off air.

As Bustle has previously reported, the new five-part series will give viewers insight into Collins' day-to-day life, including a trip across the pond. Because her divaship is too great for the UK alone. She needs to take it to the international stage. She'll be accompanied on her stateside visit by her good pal Jonathan Cheban, who has ties to Kim Kardashian. While it's not clear whether the GC will actually be meeting any of the Kardashian clan, we can all certainly dream about just how entertaining that reality TV mash up would be.

One thing that is almost guaranteed with this new series is a whole lot of fantastic internet content. Namely: memes. But, before that, I think we should look back at the amazingly meme-able moments the GC has given us in the past. Enjoy.

1. When you're about to tidy your room

The GC just gets the daily struggle of life more than anybody else, and her no-way-i'm-doing-that attitude is perfectly applicable for situations like tidying your room.

2. Distracted

It's so easy to get distracted when your stuff is this glam.

3. Sacrificing your career

Cause, honestly, who needs to hassle.

4. Still not getting it

No one does a "what?" expression better than our gal Gemma.

5. A good cry

We all need one time and again.

6. Remember when...

Good times.

7. Rage

The GC is a rage icon.

8. Talk to the hand

This iconic pic is applicable in so many situations, including when my jam is on.

9. Getting your money's worth

Such an important life lesson.

10. Do you know who I am?

I'm the GC. I've earned my divaship.


Appreciating the little things is a skill the GC has mastered.

12. Falling made fabulous

Look, the woman knows how to fall in style.

Now all we have to do wait for the new memes to come pouring through on our social media feeds. God bless the GC, reality TV legend, diva extraordinaire, and queen of our hearts.

Diva Forever begins on ITVBe on Aug. 7 2019 at 9 p.m.