12 Summer Vacation Ideas Specifically For Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

by Brittany Bennett
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If you're a Sagittarius zodiac sign, you know that when you're on vacation, you're not really vacationing — you're traveling. The Sagittarius is all about the exploration and experience of a destination. Lounging in woven hammocks and gawking at decorative aesthetics are nice, but not the point of picking up and leaving town for this sign. The best summer vacation ideas for Sagittarius zodiac signs involve adventure and little discoveries.

Sagittarius has a reputation for being the adventurer of the zodiac. Sticking close to home or hopping over to a city you've been to three times before won't suffice as time-off well spent. You're best suited for destinations that are miles upon miles from your front door — a destination that requires boarding a plane, and then, in some cases, maybe even a boat or a long hike to reach your lodging. You need a vacation from the destinations that the majority of your Instagram friends flock to. And it helps if the place is rich with history.

"You are a bright, energetic, enthusiastic sign, and quite intellectual too, so you will look to learn as much as you can while on your travels," astrology guru Susan Miller wrote on her site, Astrology Zone. You're not into vacations for the all-inclusive resort, though your fiscally responsible sign does appreciate a free hotel breakfast buffet. You're into vacations that'll constantly wow you and open you up to the world. To a Sagittarius, the best souvenir can't be packed, it's gained in experiences and knowledge. Get exploring this summer!

Yosemite National Park, California

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You've most likely gawked at the majestic nature of Yosemite National Park while watching a climbing culture documentary. The Northern California park attracts plenty of visitors but don't let the fact that everyone you know on social media and their mother and their mother's mother has ventured there. This is a wonderland for an adventurous Sag with a deep love for the outdoors.

The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea isn't your ordinary beach vacation. Sure, you can lounge on a beach towel but the fun is not in sun tanning, it's in floating. You'll float, effortlessly, as the salt lake keeps you from going under. Don't forget to slather yourself with the Dead Sea mud your favorite wellness companies bottle back home. At the Dead Sea, it's right under your feet.

New Zealand

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New Zealand is most likely packed with Sagittarians. The versatile landscape makes the country an adventurer's capitol. You won't want to stay in a single city for the extent of your trip. You shouldn't. You don't have to! Bike, bungee-jump, hike, skydive, zip line, and/or canoe your way across the terrain. There is almost too much to do, a problem you don't mind having.

Orcas Island, Washington

Coastal View of Lummi Island With Orcas Island in the Background. Located in the Salish Sea and situated in the northwest corner of Washington state.Shutterstock

The Pacific Northwest is never a bad idea. On Orcas Island you'll be able to engage in all the usual adventuring activities that delight you — from kayaking to hiking. But it's the serenity of this island that you might enjoy most.

Bend, Oregon

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While everyone you know is en route to Portland, head to Bend. Between your bouts of hiking and biking, head to a local art gallery or the High Desert Museum to marvel (and learn!) about the wonders of wildlife.


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Yes, everybody is doing it. But that doesn't mean it's lost its charm! Find out what all the fuss about the Blue Lagoon is about. There are a multitude of natural wonders to take in — including, possibly, the Northern Lights.

Assateague Island, Maryland

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Wild ponies aren't just found in the wild west. A National Seashore on the east coast, Assateague Island, is also home to these beautiful creatures. Turn a visit to the island into a vacation by pitching a tent to camp.

Grand Canyon

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I mean. Come on. If you, a Sagittarius, has not experienced the grandiosity of the Grand Canyon, it is time. This is, like, the quintessential Sagittarius vacation. There is so much to explore by foot or raft and there is so much to learn. Read up on all things Grand Canyon before venturing out so you have a foundation of knowledge about this wonder.

Bacalar, Mexico

Lake Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Shutterstock

Prepare. Your. Jaw. To. Drop. This trip to Mexico won't bring you to the beaches of the ocean but instead to the shores of a colorful lake. Lake Bacalar in Mexico is also known as the Lake of Seven Colors. And wouldn't you like to find out why, Sagittarius? Once you've arrived, engage in water activities like kayaking and sailing. Or, if you just want to enjoy the beach, bring a stack of books.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Amazing landscape in Atacama desert ChileShutterstock

You may hear "desert" and think "nothing to do." That couldn't be more incorrect. There is so much to explore in the Atacama Desert in Chile. There are salt flats, hidden lagoons, "desert rodents" to discover, and night stars so vivid it's like you're seeing them for the first time. Go. Learn. Now!


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A Sagittarius loves to camp. It isn't as harsh on the wallet as a hotel would be. Camping for a Sag doesn't have to be glamping. It can be the good ol' tent and camp fire version. With your tent, there are so many vacations you can take. Resort to your trusty hometown wilderness or explore a new plot of land. A camping trip would do your soul some good this summer.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

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If you're hoping for some history, skip D.C. and head to Prince Edward Island — it's the "birthplace of Canada." Sure, there are mussels to eat and kayaking to be done but the island is rich in cultural history with an assortment of museums and art galleries a Sagittarius will soak up. This is the place to eat well, play often and learn frequently — the perfect combination for a traveling Sagittarius.