12 'Chuck' Moments That Prove Sarah Is The Show's Most Badass Character

There are plenty of reasons to love NBC's late, great spy comedy Chuck, and Sarah Walker is at the top of the list. The CIA agent spends five seasons protecting Chuck, taking on an astounding array of different identities, and proving that emotions make her better at her job, not worse. She's a legend, and Chuck is full of moments that prove Sarah is a total badass.

From the moment she's introduced, Sarah is portrayed as a capable chameleon that none of the other characters can fully understand. Her expertise as a spy, combined with a childhood spent running cons with her father, turn Sarah into a cunning agent — but she's so much more than that. Her physical prowess and smarts are just part of her character; she can also be loving, protective, and funny. Sarah Walker's dynamic personality plays a major role in her romance with Chuck.

As a woman who's always on a mission, Sarah has her share of incredible fight scenes over the course of the series, too. However, she shows her strength in a multitude of ways. She's not a badass because she can kick some serious bad-guy butt. She earns the title because of her ability to handle any crazy circumstance thrown her way during her time on Team Bartowski. Chuck's Sarah is a queen, and here all the reasons why she should be recognized as such.

1. That Time Sarah Owns Casey

Let's be clear here, Sarah brings corn dog sticks to a gun fight and still wins. That is the epitome of cool.

2. Her Undercover Dance With Bryce

Not only is Sarah a skilled dancer, but she also multi-tasks like a boss. During her dance, she notices where all of the cameras in the room are located and still refuses to let Bryce lead.

3. When She Does What Has To Be Done

Sarah makes the difficult decision to kill a Fulcrum agent to protect Chuck. It's not an easy choice, but it's one that she has to make.

4. The First Kiss With Chuck

When she thinks she and Chuck are about to be blown up, Sarah seizes the moment and kisses Chuck, proving she plans to live life on her own terms down to the very last second.

5. Her Idea Of Date Night Prep

Little black dress? Check. Ankle holster for her knives? Also, check.

6. Admitting When She's Wrong

Part of being strong is admitting your mistakes, which is exactly what Sarah does when she apologizes to her old friends for thinking they were moles.

7. The Time She Goes Rogue

Sarah goes rogue to save Chuck's life in Season 4 and instantly becomes recognized as a warrior in Thailand. Yeah, she's a total boss.

8. When She Uses An Airbag To Win A Fight

The tiny car fight scene is one of the show's best because it shows how resourceful Sarah truly is. Even when it seems like she's met her match, she finds an ingenious way to use the car to her benefit.

9. Sarah Faces Her Past

High school reunions are always stressful, and that has to be doubly true when you're a spy. This makes Sarah's ability to confront her past, and then kick its butt, all the more admirable.

10. When She Offers Up The Perfect Vows

Sarah expresses her love for Chuck so flawlessly that it will make even the most cynical of people believe in the wonders of opening up to another person.

11. Sarah Loses Her Memories, But Not Her Instincts

The moment Chuck realizes Sarah has lost her memories is heartbreaking, but you have to admire the fact that Sarah never loses her instincts.

12. When She Tells Chuck She Loves Him

Few things are more badass than a strong person allowing themselves to be vulnerable.

Sarah Walker's strength, courage, and ability to take down pretty much anyone on the planet guarantees she will always be Chuck's coolest — and most kick-butt — character.