12 DIY Projects That You Can Sell For Cold, Hard Cash

So you miraculously found yourself with extra time on your hands. Although you could use it to sleep, read, or (god forbid) socialize, you and I both know that's not the capitalist, American way. It's time to explore the wonderful world of DIY projects you can sell for cold, hard cash. Whether you're just looking for a way to pass the day or intend to open up a business of your own, there are plenty of crafty projects that someone, somewhere will pay you to make so they don't have to.

Thanks to the internet, it's never been easier to access do-it-yourself projects, crafts, and art tutorials. Dozens of blogs have sprung up around the subject, each more niche than the last. Need advice on repairing your dinner table? Check out a woodworking blog. Looking for a fabulous, Oscar-worthy Halloween costume? Pinterest has got you covered. Want to build your own baby crib to welcome your first niece or nephew into the world? You should probably hold off on that one, but I'm sure there's a tutorial out there somewhere.

In fact, there are so many options, it can be difficult to settle on a single choice. To help you narrow down the infinite list, here are 12 DIY projects even a novice can sell.

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Subversive Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is an underappreciated art, especially since pretty much anyone can pick it up within a few hours. It might seem like the kind of activity your grandmother would appreciate, but that only makes subversive designs even funnier. The Tiny Modernist has a series of tutorials for beginners and amateurs alike, and as you're learning, you can buy subversive designs on sites like Etsy — or create your own right off the bat.


Custom Tie-Dye Shirts

Capitalize on '90s nostalgia by selling tie-dye shirts. If you put in a little effort (and include a cat somewhere in the design), they're guaranteed to fly off the proverbial shelf. The best part? You'll have fun doing it. Parents magazine has a basic tutorial, or if you know what you're doing, check out By Stephanie Lynn's folding techniques. You can also expand to other items of clothing, like hoodies and shoes.


Planter Box

There are approximately a million planter box tutorials out there, including this strawberry-shaped herb planter from A Charming Project. If you want to start from scratch, though, DIY Network can teach you how to build an elevated planter box you can easily customize for clients. The only catch is that you'll need the appropriate tools.


Bath Bombs

Love them or sit there confused by them as the water cools, bath bombs are up there with Beyonce in terms of online obsession. They tend to be pretty pricey at the store, but they're not terribly complicated to make at home. A Beautiful Mess has a simple enough tutorial, or try out Bustle's very own guide to making galaxy bath bombs yourself. Just be sure to run a test or two before you start selling anything.


Aromatherapy Room Spray

Everyone wants their living space to smell good, so there's a market ready and waiting for aromatherapy sprays. Head over to Calmful Living for a tutorial so simple, it only needs four ingredients.


Recipe Organizer

Recipes are a dangerous thing to keep on a phone, which is why people still buy recipe organizers. Head over to Living Well Mom for a simple recipe binder tutorial, or learn how to repurpose an old jewelry box to create one at Hometalk.


Marquee Sign

You'd be surprised how much people love seeing a word, or even just a letter, lit up on the wall. It adds a certain flair, don't you think? Learn how to make your own marquee sign at Homey Oh My!


Fun Candles

Everyone loves candles, and the demand will only go up as the weather cools down. Little Things has a list of 11 different, easy candle projects to try out. Stick on a label to get your name out there, or try branding them as wedding favors.


Seasonal Wreaths

There's always a new season approaching, which means there's always a need for fancy seasonal wreaths. Even if you're not into them, start asking your teacher friends and watch as the orders pour in. (For whatever reason, teachers love themselves a good wreath.) The good news is that they're simple to make and easily customized. Kenarry has a tutorial for burlap summer wreaths, Hometalk has one for a book page wreath, or you can head to Pinterest for one that interests you.


Painted Magnets

There are several "dipped" magnet tutorials out there, but the simplest and best down can be found at Sarah Hearts.


Knit Scarves

Knitting is super calming, and many people use it as a time to reflect while they create. Try selling simple items like scarves first, then graduate to more complicated items like hats and socks later.

The Spruce has a tutorial for knitting novices here, and as you learn, you can find knitting patterns elsewhere online. As a bonus, you'll never run out of warm clothes in the winter.


Handmade Journals

Making a journal by hand may sound like a tall order, but as long as you have the materials, the process is fairly simple. Check out Melissa Esplin's tutorial for leather journals on her website, and in no time, you'll be helping people express themselves. It's up to you to make it fancy, but at least you know where to start.