3 Easy And Fun Ways To Personalize Your Holiday Pajamas

Kirsten Nunez

The holiday season calls for so many wonderful things: cozy blankets, hot chocolate, and festive pajamas. Luckily, there is still time to personalize your holiday pajamas in time for the celebration. Trust me — pajamas are totally worth sprucing up. So, I turned to Amy E. Goodman, Senior Lifestyle Editor at Zulily, for the full lowdown.

“Pajamas in general have seen a massive resurgence in recent years,” shares Amy. In fact, a recent survey from Zulily revealed that Americans love to get stylish with their holiday PJs. Why not take it up a notch with some crafty flair?

"Personalizing pajamas is great for that extra element of fun,” says Amy. “It’s also easy to do, as long as you have the right approach.” She also pegs them as a fun gift that can be worn right away, once they are unwrapped.

Amy was quick to mention that pajamas have even made their way into fashion. “Recent trends have showed that elements of PJs have entered the fashion scene,” she explains. “Long shirt dresses, slips, and lounge wear have longevity on the runway.” And when you adore comfy holiday clothes (ahem, me), this is pretty awesome news.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute holiday gift or have no idea what to pack for your in-laws, consider one of these charming PJ projects. You might even have all of the supplies around. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating the holidays in style.

Ideas #1: Bows

"To sweeten up a pair of pajamas, add bows," suggests Amy. "It gives a nod to the grunge trend going on right now. Think plaids, slips, and lace."

Kirsten Nunez

All you need are pajamas, a few fabric bows, and a hot glue gun or fabric glue. You can easily find the bows in the fabric or notion section of any craft store. Alternatively, you can just grab some ribbon and make a few bows.

Kirsten Nunez

The collar is a great place to start. It's simple, dainty, and fun.

Kirsten Nunez

Take it up a notch by adding bows to the leg openings or wrists. This is a more unexpected touch, but nevertheless super sweet.

Idea #2: Rhinestones

The holidays are full of all things sparkly and shiny. Why not add a little bling to your pajamas? Amy says that this is an excellent way to make a statement.

Kirsten Nunez

This idea calls for pajamas, flat-back rhinestones, and a hot glue gun. You can also use fabric glue.

Kirsten Nunez

Play around with the rhinestones until you're happy with the placement. Glue in place. How easy was that?

Idea #3: Iron-On Letters

For a super personalized touch, Amy suggests using iron-on letters to make a monogram or phrase. This is a cheap and easy way to customize a pair of pajamas in seconds. Literally.

Kirsten Nunez

"Fabric makes a difference when you're using iron-on letters," explains Amy. "It usually works best on cotton fabrics, but make sure to read the instructions first. This will be your guide."

For this version, you'll need pajamas, an iron, scrap fabric or rag, and iron-on letters. According to Amy, the fabric or rag will protect both your pajamas and iron. Again, the letters can spell out anything from the recipient's initials to a fun phrase.

Kirsten Nunez

If you're a perfectionist and want to make sure the letters are perfectly lined up, Amy suggests taking it slow. I like to use a strip of masking tape to line up the letters before applying heat. It works like a charm.

Kirsten Nunez

When you're ready to bring in the iron, place the scrap fabric or rag on top of the letters. Apply the heat according to the package's instructions. Make sure you're working on a flat, sturdy surface.

Kirsten Nunez

Once the fabric has cooled down, peel away the backing. Too cute.

Amy shares that this idea works best with mod prints and patterns. It's especially perfect for those with a preppier, minimalist style.

Thanks so much for these suggestions, Amy!