12 Dog Breeds For People Who Don't Get To See Their Families A Lot
by Megan Grant
Longhaired dapple dachshund with brown and white fur laying on a bed.

If you happen to live far away from your family, odds are that at least every now and then you feel lonely. If you want a canine companion who will be the perfect sidekick when you need a little extra love and care, here's a round up of 12 dog breeds for people who don't live near family. Just because you can't always see your family doesn't mean you can't start a little fam with a furry friend of your own.

A dog can't replace the family you miss. But you know what? Canines are still family, and can help fill in some of the loneliness you may feel while you're missing your actual fam. They'll love you unconditionally. They'll comfort you when you're sad — because yes, they can indeed pick up on your feelings. And maybe best of all, a dog will be ridiculously happy to see you when you return 45 seconds after leaving to go grab the mail.

Now, what breed might be best for you, considering many miles separate you and your relatives? These are 12 breeds that will be loyal and devoted and will shower you with love. And spit. And maybe a hairball or two.


German Shepherd

Cute German Shepherd in a blanket on bed. Lovely dog in home.Shutterstock

According to Hillspet, German shepherds make excellent guard dogs. They'll provide the security and comfort you really need when you're on your own and away from family.

Plus, they're intelligent and easy to train. With the right guidance, they'll show you nothing but respect and devotion.


Golden Retriever

You can't go wrong with a golden retriever. Your Purebred Puppy points out that they're cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, and eager to please. If you're feeling down because your family is so far away, this pupper will be able to put a smile on your face. Woof.


Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are a great breed for people with family far away because they grow incredibly close to those they love, says Dogtime. You can count on a yorkie to be your faithful sidekick no matter what's going on in life.


Labrador Retriever

Active, smile and happy purebred labrador retriever dog outdoors in grass park on sunny summer day.Shutterstock

Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter face? (No.) The American Kennel Club notes that these doggos are famous for their friendliness. They're super outgoing and are pretty much always in a good mood. Don't have any family nearby? This breed is ready to step up to the plate.


Great Pyrenees

What's not to love about this giant ball of fluff? They might also be the perfect breed for people who don't live near family. VetStreet explains that great pyrenees dogs were bred to protect sheep and other livestock from predators, like wolves. To this day, they make wonderful guardians.



Everyone's favorite TV dog also happens to be a great breed if your family doesn't live in your area. Dog Behaviors notes that collies are incredibly protective of family and off-the-chart sweet and affectionate — big-time cuddlers. If you want a furry friend to keep you company, a collie might be perfect for you.




According to Primitive Dogs, the Japanese akita dog is known for its loyalty, intelligence, courage, and calmness — among other promising traits. An akita will be your best friend for life.


St. Bernard

Hill's explains that St. Bernards are eager to please, mostly calm (especially for a large dog breed), and they love people, but they're still protective of their owners. They're the perfect combination of loving and territorial (in a good way!).



Boxers are playful, loving, and — importantly — loyal, says Dog Behaviors. When you need someone to be there for you when your family can't, a boxer will be ready and eager to take on that responsibility.



A cute fawn colored French BulldogShutterstock

Canna-Pet tells us not to be fooled by the bulldog's expression. They're very happy, upbeat, curious little pups. Plus, they're cuddly couch potatoes and will be more than happy marathoning Netflix with you. You'll never be lonely when you have a boxer.



Honestly, what's better than a weiner dog? They're incredibly affectionate and social creatures, and — as VetStreet points out — they're natural watchdogs. You'll always feel safe with a dachshund, even if you don't live close to your family.



You might know chihuahuas as annoying, "yappy" little creatures, but just wait a minute. They also happen to be endlessly loyal, as Your Purebred Puppy points out, and they love their owners with every ounce of their little bodies. It's a bond you can't find elsewhere.