12 Emotional 'Full House' Moments That Will Still Give You Chills


It's safe to say that Full House's legacy is intrinsically bound to three things: somewhat annoying catchphrases, saccharine family values, and heart-wrenching piano-driven moments. Or maybe it wasn't always piano, but you know what I mean. Each Full House episode had at least one moment where the characters would bear their souls to the dulcet tones of that music. And while maybe it wasn't necessary for every minor inconvenience to get a soundtrack, there are definitely some substantially powerful emotional moments in Full House.

Usually, but not always, these moments came around when Full House had the bravery to tackle the darker subjects, or to give into its darker undertone. After all, this is the story of a family who has to pick up the pieces after losing their beloved matriarch. The darkness is there if you look for it, and loss is all around. Other times, the scenes were more about these people connecting and learning to understand each other better.

Either way, I've collected some of the most significant times the show managed to deliver something emotionally wrought, and, you know, really earn that music. Scroll down to revisit Full House's most emotional moments, and make sure to have a box of tissues at the ready.

1. When DJ & Danny Have A Heart-To-Heart About How Pam Would've Parented Her

Abigail Watson on YouTube

This happened during the early days of the series.

2. When Danny & Jesse Grieve Over Pam During Thanksgiving

king cooper on YouTube

This was still mullet-having, machismo-boasting Jesse, so having him open up during the holiday was huge.

3. When The Fam Watches The Home Video Of Pam & Danny Bringing Michelle Home

Full House Forever on YouTube

Pam's ghost is all over this show, but actually seeing her is sort of daunting. It definitely tugs on your heart strings. And hey, it helps Michelle recover Mr. Bear.

4. When The Family Confronts D.J. About The Fact That She's Not Eating

Amanda Arsenault on YouTube

Honestly, it's the moment she nearly faints that actually makes me gasp. Like, oh my god, this was a hell of a Very Special Episode.

5. When Jesse & Michelle Part Ways (Almost)

cats rock111 on YouTube

Uncle Jesse's moving out and Michelle is having a hard time coping. Look at her. She can barely talk. But anyway, they eventually talk it out and it is very, very sad until, JK, Jesse and Becky move back into the full house.

6. When Stephanie Finds Out Her Classmate Is Getting Abused

phantomflapjack on YouTube

Succinctly put, it's too much next to all the G-rated familial mishaps of the Tanner clan.

7. When Papouli Shows Up At The House Only To Die Unceremoniously

Queen6429 on YouTube

How rude? OK, worded like that, it definitely makes light of one of the most heart-wrenching Full House episodes, but how else can I cope? Also, watching Michelle and Jesse talk about it is just too much.

8. When Steve & DJ Break Up On The Rocks

lilacstar3 on YouTube

If you shipped it, it broke your heart. Also if you shipped it, Steve's creepiness in Fuller House definitely isn't something you want to watch.

9. When DJ Confesses That Her Mom Was Killed By A Drunk Driver

marilynbetancourt98 on YouTube

For some reason, viewers don't know this, but Kimmy probably should. Either way, it gives some extra significance to why she was upset over Kimmy's drunken escapades.

10. When Stephanie Learns Gia Was In A Car Accident

PuertoRicostate51 on YouTube

Like, oh my god. Gia is fine, don't worry, but I think we've all had that moment of, "That could've been me."

11. When Michelle Falls Off Her Horse

rahsaan french on YouTube

And even though it doesn't go in an exceptionally dark Gone With The Wind route, then we learn she has amnesia, and that's distressing on all of us.

12. That Entire Finale

Full House Forever on YouTube

Look at DJ walking down, all lady-like and grown-up and into the arms of... wait, didn't she break up with that guy? In any case, saying goodbye to that entire family and watching that final bow was a lot on a generation.