12 Father’s Day Gift Baskets To Get Your Dad If You’re Far Away


With Father's Day just around the corner, you've probably spent the last few days thinking, "Oh no, Father's Day is almost here and I still haven't picked out a gift for my dad," and maybe also, "OMG, what does my dad even want?" Picking out the perfect gift for your father can be a bit of a struggle for most people, and that gets even more complicated if you don't live near your dad. You want to send a gift that is thoughtful and personable, something that will sort of make him feel like you're there even though you're not — you know, something more than just a product mailed to him from Target or a similar store. If you're searching for something like that, a Father's Day-themed gift basket delivered straight to his door definitely isn't a bad idea.

Think about it — it's kind of perfect. You can put one together yourself and mail it over there, of course, but if you don't have the time or energy for that, there are plenty of options online for baskets that are already put together and very awesome. And chances are more than good that you'll find something that fits what your dad likes, whether that's food, alcohol, or some sort of hobby.

The gift basket is a more unique idea, and one that gives him a few different options — he'll love getting it in the mail, especially because it's from you. And, of course, you can get these for your dad even if you live close by (or still at home). Here are a few Father's Day gift basket options that make wonderful gifts: