12 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year That Don't Involve Spending Any Money


Celebrating Valentine's Day with your significant other can get expensive fast. First, there are the gifts. It starts off with just candy, boxes of chocolates, and flowers (which can all be pricey enough on their own!), and usually ends up being much more elaborate. You might feel like you have to spend a lot on an extravagant gift, like a nice piece of jewelry or a watch. After the gifts comes the actual celebrating: going out to dinner is a splurge on any holiday, but especially Valentine's Day. You feel more inclined to go all out, buying expensive meals and bottles of wine. It all adds up, and in the end, V-Day could end up costing just as much as Christmas. But here's a secret: there are plenty of free ways to celebrate Valentine's Day — you just need to get a little creative.

While going out for a fancy dinner can be nice, it's certainly not your only date option for Feb. 14. There are so many other things you can do, and not all of them require you to whip out your credit card and spend a fortune. And, sure, giving and receiving gifts can be quite lovely, but if you're both trying to save, there's nothing wrong with skipping the tradition this year. You can show your love for each other in other ways that are just as meaningful, if not more.

So if you're looking for a low-maintenance, inexpensive Valentine's Day celebration, then keep reading - there are a bunch of ideas below that are still really fun and special:


Have Your Own Spa Day At Home

Heading out to the spa for couple's massages, facials, and relaxation at the sauna or hot tub is definitely a wonderful experience. It's also a very expensive one. Instead of paying to have all of that done, set it up at home. Get out some face masks and skincare products to do your own little "facials." If you have a bathtub, take a bath together, complete with a bath bomb, lots of candles, and some nice music. You can even learn to give each other massages with a little lotion or massage oil if you have it. It's more intimate this way!


Go For A Hike

If you're lucky enough to live in an area where it's still warm enough to be outside on Feb. 14, take advantage of that. Go for a long walk, bike ride, or pick a day to take a long hike somewhere new. It's a cool way to explore together and could be a great bonding experience. Plus, most hiking trails are free!


Have A Cozy Movie Night

The movie theater can be a treat, but it can be just as nice to make your own "movie theater" at home. Turn off the lights, make some popcorn, get out any other snacks you want, and get cozy under a blanket. You can even light some candles if you want to be romantic and make it different than any other night in front of the television. Watch old movies you haven't seen in a while that you already have, so you don't have to spend money, or browse Netflix.


Take The Day Off

Hey, there's nothing wrong with playing hooky once in a while! If it's possible, you can both take a personal day, then spend the day relaxing, cuddling, sleeping in, making each other breakfast, and just literally doing whatever you want, free of responsibilities. It might be a nice change.


Get Intimate

It's Valentine's Day — the day of love! Why not get a little frisky under the sheets together? You don't need to spend a ton on new lingerie, either. You can wear something you already have (they won't mind if they've already seen it), or just surprise them by just appearing naked.


Make A Scrapbook Together

One cute way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to look back on your time together as a couple. Go through all photos and any memorabilia you have saved, then put everything together in a sweet scrapbook. You can both include handwritten love notes to each other too.


Have A Game Night

If you have a few games at home, set up your own little game night. Put out some snacks and get cozy, then prepare to get super competitive with each other. It's a unique way to spend the holiday.


Go Stargazing

If it's a nice night out, get bundled up, grab some blankets, make some hot chocolate, and head outside to go stargazing. You can do this from a car with a sunroof in a quiet spot, or you can head down to a park or beach, weather permitting. It's super romantic and totally free.


Make A Coupon Book For Them

If you have no money to buy them a gift, then make them something instead. An easy classic is a "coupon" book. This can be full of little "gift cards" that they can redeem with you for special services. This could include anything from giving them a massage to trying a new sex position to taking them out to dinner one night.


Have Sex In A New Place

Turn up the heat in your sex life by getting it on somewhere new (and safe and legal, obviously). If you've never done it in the shower, just give it a try! Have a fantasy about doing it in the kitchen? Go for it. As long as it's not the same spot you always have sex, it's game.


Take A Social Media Break Together

Celebrate by Valentine's Day by totally focusing on each other — and do that by putting your phones away and ignoring social media for the night. It's almost like an old-fashioned date! It's also a nice way to get away from the pressure you may feel from others to do something big and expensive.


Make Each Other A Meal Using What You Already Have In The Fridge

Want to eat something special? Take a look at everything you have in your kitchen, look up some recipes, and get creative. You guys can cook together and use food you already have so you don't have to spend any money. It's a total win.