12 Golden Globes Drink Ideas For Any Viewing Party You're Throwing

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's almost showtime, folks! The Golden Globes are nearly here, and that means it's time to put together your star-themed Golden Globes drinks for the fab viewing party you're throwing — you know, the best part of watching any awards show for those of legal drinking age. This Sunday, Jan. 8, at 5 p.m., the red carpet arrivals will begin to air on live TV and most of us will be glued to the screen with wonderment. And really, there's nothing better than having an excuse to invite your friends over to turn on the TV, eat, drink, be merry and critique red carpet clothing choices. Because let's be real, now that the holidays have simmered down, we're not ready to retire our party hats and champagne cravings.

And if you're going to put the effort into having a party, you might as well go all out and have a full-on thematic shebang. Or, get inspired by some delicious drink recipes by your favorite foodies and mixologists. Feel free to go crazy with puns and rename them as you please, a la, Leo's Tears, the salt-rimmed margarita, or Finally! Meryl, the tequila shot.

Browse these recipes and make your own drink menu — your guests will thank you. Happy stargazing!

Big Batch Bloody Mary

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

This recipe from Big Girls, Small Kitchen is perfect if you're having your friends over in the late afternoon to get in that red carpet footage. It's easy to make, serves a crowd, and almost counts as food.

A Summery Reprieve

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Most of us will be bundled up as we watch from home, so to take a break from the winter weather, treat your guests to a summery treat with the recipe for a pineapple cocktail by Big Girls, Small Kitchen.

A Serious Punch

Big Girls, Small Kitchen

If you're rooting for the punch-in-the-gut movie Manchester by the Sea, coordinate your hopes with this intense citrus vodka punch recipe by Big Girls, Small Kitchen.

Come Hell Or Hot Buttered

Adventures In Cooking

If you're rooting for Hell or High Water, and you want that strong, manly whiskey drink, but you also don't want to get wasted, this dessert drink recipe by Adventures in Cooking is for you.

Something That Isn't What It Seems

A Spicy Perspective

If you're rooting for Florence Foster Jenkins — the story of the terrible singer who thought she had an amazing voice — you might want to try out this cocktail by A Spicy Perspective that looks like apple cider but tastes like an old fashioned.

Beer Street

A Cozy Kitchen

Not all cocktails require spirits. If you're rooting for Sing Street, a film that takes place in Dublin, tip your hat to the Dubliner's drink-of-choice, beer, with this beergarita recipe from A Cozy Kitchen.

A Solider's Favorite

A Spicy Perspective

If you're rooting for Hacksaw Ridge, you'll want to add this spiced Manhattan to your drink menu by A Spicy Perspective.

A New Twist On An Old Drink

A Cozy Kitchen

If you're rooting for La La Land, a new twist on an old story, you'll want to make this strawberry sweet and basil fresh gin and tonic with the help of this recipe by A Cozy Kitchen.

A Welcome Home Drink

A Cozy Kitchen

If you're rooting for A Long Way Home, make the drink that everyone wants after a long trip — a hot toddy. But not just any hot toddy, a special ginger and apple hot toddy. Check out the recipe on A Cozy Kitchen.

Just To Celebrate

A Cozy Kitchen

If you're not rooting for anyone in particular, try out this any occasion celebratory sparkling rose and elderflower punch recipe from A Cozy Kitchen.

Just Go With It

A Farmgirl Dabbles

You might be wondering why there's bacon in this drink — but you're just going to go with it. Check out the recipe on A Farmgirl Dabbles.

Sour Loser

A Spicy Perspective

To celebrate the sore losers and burns, try out this burnt honey bourbon sour recipe from A Spicy Perspective.