The Hottest Films On Netflix This February

by Mary Grace Garis
IFC Films

February is so often tied to Valentines Day, and thus it's tangentially tied to sex (or a lack thereof). Whether you're pro or anti amorous, the reality is that you're probably going to spend at least some point of the month at home, wanting for a titillating movie. So if you're sex life is at a lull this season, or your looking for something to intrigue your S.O. (or even your cuffing season honey) you may be wondering what hot, sexy films are available to stream on Netflix this February?

You know, those movies that have an actual plot and some steaminess thrown in for good measure. Sure, there are some movies out there simply focus on the sex. To those people who want a certain amount of depth with their sex stories, there are definitely movies that can be appreciated for both their amazing quality and their sexy scenes involving attractive actors. Who needs to turn up the thermostat when you've got some steamy movies on Netflix to bring the heat? Watch the trailers, read the room, and see what gets you hot and bothered.

From erotic foreign indies to classic American raunch, scroll down for our insta-streaming suggestions.


'Y Tu Mamá También'

After their girlfriends embark on a vacation of their own, two teen end up picking up a hot older woman for the most sexy, if not incredibly emotionally tumultuous, road trip ever.


'Nymphomaniac Volume I & II'

You can see it in two parts or watch the director's cut, but no matter how you slice it it's an over bloated non-stop sex epic.


'Sleeping Beauty'

This is an erotic drama with a darkness; a young girl is voluntarily sedated and then men get to do what they want with her while she's out. It is... something.


'Kama Sutra'

I'm just going to let the title speak for itself.


'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

Oh, you know this one, and you probably know of it for that explicit sex scene. So just go ahead and treat yourself.



Four people escape together to live a life of free love and hedonism. It... of course isn't that simple.


'Leap Year'

Slightly disturbing and all about a violent, all-consuming sexual relationship. Suffice to say it's not the Amy Adams rom-com.


'Room In Rome'

Just in case Blue Is The Warmest Color didn't satiate you fully, here are more hot lesbians with accents.


'Hooking Up'

A low-budget bro-comedy flick that you can laugh along with.


'10 Rules of Sleeping Around'

Get your sexy comedy kick with this flick.


'Sex And Lucia'

To no one's surprise, Sex and Lucia is sexy, and Lucia is intoxicating.


'Basic Instinct'

This is the classic route. Be on the look out for that scene, which was made famous in the '90s.