12 Socks PERFECT For Holiday Gifting (Including Mean Girls Socks & Glitter Socks!)

by Alexa Tucker

As a kid, chances are, socks were the last thing you wanted to unwrap during the holidays. Fast-forward to adulthood — honestly, when you're a grown-up, there's nothing better than a great pair of socks. They're pretty much the perfect holiday gift, because they're easy, seasonal, and everyone wears them. (Plus, you don't have to guess sizes.)

The key to a great sock gift, though, is to find pairs that are truly useful. While there are tons of cute, kitschy holiday socks out there, they usually end up at the back of a sock drawer, never to be seen again. After all, it doesn't matter how festive they are if they sort of suck.

Not all holiday socks have to meet that fate, though. For a pair of socks your giftee will actually like, go for some that are trendy, comfy, cheeky, or high quality (or any combination of those traits, really).

Take these 12 pairs of socks, for example — they make the perfect gift that someone can actually wear. Gift them to your girl gang, wrap them up for your boss, bring them to a Secret Santa gift exchange, or even just scoop up a pair for yourself for cozy holiday nights in or festive nights out.

1. ASOS Glitter Ankle Socks

ASOS Glitter Ankle Socks, $6, ASOS

These trendy, fun glitter socks are a black bootie's best friend.

2. Free People Crystalized Ankle Socks

Free People Crystalized Ankle Sock, $28, Free People

Who says socks can't be glamorous?

3. SOCKART Slay Crew Socks

SOCKART Slay Crew Socks, $15, Nordstrom

'Cause I slay, I slay, I slay, I slay, all day... (at least, your giftee will in these socks).

4. Plush Rolled Fleece Plaid Socks

Plush Rolled Fleece Plaid Socks, $16, Shopbop

These cozy plaid slipper socks were made for sitting by the fireplace (hot chocolate optional, but suggested).

5. Foot Cardigan You Go, Glen Coco Socks

Foot Cardigan You Go, Glen Coco Socks, $13, Foot Cardigan

Part of Foot Cardigan's Mean Girls collection, these socks are the most fetch. (This gift is best paired with four candy canes.)

6. Sticky Be "Be Naughty Be Nice" Grip Socks

Sticky Be "Be Naughty Be Nice" Grip Socks, $15, Sticky Be

With little grips on the bottom, these socks are perfect for the Pilates or barre fan in your life (although they're super comfy for anyone). One sock says "Be Naughty" while the other says "Be Nice."

7. Out From Under Feathery Cozy Crew Socks

Out From Under Feathery Cozy Crew Socks, $16, Urban Outfitters

These feathery, winter white socks feel as luxe as they look.

8. Chelsea28 Metallic Stripe Crew Socks

Chelsea28 Metallic Stripe Crew Socks, $9, Nordstrom

These wear-with-anything metallic socks add a little extra style to any look.

9. Free People Lucky Striped Slipper Sock

Free People Lucky Striped Slipper Sock, $16, Free People

These comfy socks have a handcrafted, made-with-love look. The varsity stripes add a cool touch.

10. If You Can Read This, Bring Me Wine Socks

If You Can Read This, Bring Me Wine Socks, $15, Etsy

You can design these fun socks to perfectly suit your giftee — choose from five different colors, or swap out wine for coffee, vodka, or a cupcake.

11. Bombas Fair Isle Cuff Calf Socks

Bombas Fair Isle Cuff Calf Socks, $15, Bombas

If you haven't heard, Bombas just might be the comfiest everyday socks on the planet. Plus, for every pair purchased, the company donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter (they're the number one requested item across the U.S.).

12. SOCKART It's Lit Christmas Tree Crew Socks

SOCKART It's Lit Christmas Tree Crew Socks, $15, Nordstrom

If you're looking for a gift with an actual holiday theme, these cute, cheeky socks are the way to go.