12 Jon Snow Quotes From ‘GoT’ That Prove He Does Actually Know Something


Ah, Jon Snow. He may be one of the biggest heartthrobs of the entire Game of Thrones series (and this is saying a lot, because there have been many, many attractive people on the show!), but he's also one of the most, well, gloomy (that's saying a lot too, because, um, almost everyone is gloomy in the Seven Kingdoms). Jon is known for being a little more on the negative side than the positive side, always walking around with a scowl or a frown on his face (we've seen him smile a collective 10 times, probably), always worrying about something gigantic and catastrophic, and always acting as the hero even though it's a role he doesn't want — he has made that pretty clear.

Still, it's hard not to fall a little bit in love with Jon, no matter how frustrating his actions might be sometimes, especially during season eight. Seriously, where has all of his passion gone?! Why does he only do things for Daenerys? Where is the Jon Snow we all know and love?!

There is one more thing about Jon that's really important to note: he has said some truly great things over the course of Game of Thrones. When Jon talks, he's usually saying something important or devastating or really powerful, and actually, it's kind of awesome. Jon's quotes below prove that he may be the brooding man of our dreams, but he's also really wise and always has been. Maybe he would make the best leader of the Seven Kingdoms? You know, even though he really, really does not want to be King. Who knows? Anything could happen in the final episode! In the meantime, take a look at some of these Jon Snow quotes to remember these truly epic moments:


“My father taught me big men fall just as quick as little ones if you put a sword through their hearts.”

He might be quoting Ned Stark here, but Jon's words still ring true: social status and power don't matter when it comes to facing death.


“Sam’s no different from the rest of us. There was no place for him in the world, so he’s come here. We’re not gonna hurt him in the training yard anymore. Never again, no matter what Thorne says. He’s our brother now, and we’re going to protect him.”

This quote stands out as one of the many times Jon stood up for the "little people," like Samwell Tarly when he first came to the Night's Watch.


“They were born on the wrong side of the Wall — doesn’t make them monsters.”

Once Jon realized that the Wildlings were not the true enemy, he became a true Wildling advocate. Yas, Jon!


"I put my trust in you, a stranger because I knew it was the best chance for my people, for all our people. Now I’m asking you to trust in a stranger because it’s our best chance.”

Jon is always looking for out for literally everyone else. That's what makes him a good leader.


“What did Father use to say? ‘Everything before the word ‘but’ is horse-shit.’”

Yup, this seems pretty accurate.


"Sometimes there Is no happy choice, only one less grievous than the others."

Classic Jon Snow: a quote that is very depressing, but also true.


"We look up at the same stars and see such different things."

Honestly, is this man a poet?


"First lesson: stick them with the pointy end."

Arya may have repeated this to Sansa in season eight, but it was Jon who said these words first in a rare show of humor.


"If I fall, don't bring me back."

Peak Jon Snow, really.


"The true enemy won't wait out the storm. He brings the storm."

You can always count on Jon for a good pep talk before a battle!


"I'm not asking you to forget your dead. I'll never forget mine."

Poor Jon. He's lost so much already!


"I'm not going to swear an oath I can't uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything."

This is Jon in a nutshell: honorable, honest to a fault, and straightforward.