12 Ways To Turn Your Zodiac Sign Into The Perfect Halloween Costume

While everyone else is dressing up their favorite characters from movies or the scariest thing they can remember from their worst nightmare, get your space on and consider dressing up as your astrological sign. There are so many last-minute astrology costume ideas that will not only make you stand out, but help you stay centered on a night that tends to be pure mayhem.

Not to mention, what's a better ice breaker than explaining to someone what your costume is when you're dressed up as your sign? Then you can seamlessly segue into some light chit chat about your sign and what you identify with and how you both feel about astrology. By the time you leave the party, you'll know what everyone's sign is, in addition to their stance on astrology as a whole. Plus, you can be as creative as you want with these types of costumes. If you really want to express yourself creatively, you can go for a full face of thematic make up, or you can go minimalist and just show a casual hint of your sign. There are so many ways to rep the zodiac, and Halloween is the perfect time to get familiar with your sign if you aren't already. Here are some easy and artful ideas for your astrological-themed Halloween:



Ram Horns, $80, Etsy | Earth-Toned Dress, $74, H&M | Leather Moccasins, $85, Etsy | Stila Eyeliner, $22, Revolve | Brown Lipstick, $18, Macy's

Aries' zodiac symbol is a ram, but that doesn't mean it's not cute. All you need are some strong ram horns, an earth-toned dress, some leather moccasins , some brown eyeliner to make your nose look like a snout, and some brown lipstick.



Faux Septum Ring, $9, Amazon | Black Lipstick, $12, Sephora | Nars Eyeliner, $28, Sephora | Sleek Black Pants, $26, Yoins | Black Turtleneck, $25, Lands End | Furry Tail, $10, Tilly's

Taurus' zodiac symbol is a bull, but instead of going all beast for this costume, just be a chic, goth bull. You'll need a faux septum ring, some black lipstick, some black eyeliner, a pair of sleek black pants, a black turtleneck and a tail, just to really drive the point home.



Angel Halo, $16, Overstock | Angel Wings, $17, Amazon | Black Lipstick, $12, Sephora | Pink Lipstick, $29, Sephora | Black Eyeliner, $28, Sephora | White Eyeliner, $8, Princess Polly | Smokey Eyeshadow Palette, $75, Saks

Gemini's zodiac symbol is the twin sign. To accomplish this look solo, simply split yourself in two. Draw a line down the center of your face and go half angel, half devil to show the duality within. This look will mostly be accomplished by makeup and accessories, so you might just want to stick to a black or white outfit to keep the attention on the little details. You'll need an angel halo, some devilish wings, black lipstick for one side of your lips, pink lipstick for the other, black eyeliner for one eye, white eyeliner for the other, and smokey eyeshadow for the devil eye, and white eyeshadow for the angel eye.



Red Dress, $21, Rose Gal | Red Shoes, $40, JustFab | Red Lipstick, $34, Burberry | Crab Bag, $18, NewChic | Mallet, $8, Sur La Table

The cancer sign is a crab, but no reason to go all red lobster here. Instead, just go red and be yourself. you'll need a red dress, some red shoes, some red lipstick, and a kitschy crab bag, and a mallet, of course.



Gold Dress, $65, Amazon | Tart Highlighter, $29, Macy's | Glitter Eyeshadow, $40, Harpers Bazaar | Tom Ford Lipstick, $36, Orchard Mile | Volumizing Mousse, $15, Gilt

Leo is pretty easy too, since its symbol is the lion. For this costume, wear a gold dress, go Beyonce gold, like, highlighter, glitter eyeshadow, and lipstick and make your hair as big and curly as possible for the mane.



Hair Spray, $17, Orchard Mile | Curling Iron, $35, Century 21 | Flower Crown, $7, Amazon | Floral Dress, $17, Zaful | Butterfly Earrings, $3, Zaful

Despite what you think of the uptight Virgo personality, the sign is plain earthy. So play up the boho vibe for this look. Create some epic waves in your hair with the help of some hair spray and a curling iron, then put a flower crown in it, wear a floral dress, and add some butterfly embellishments.



Hair Scrunchies, $1, Boohoo | Leotard, $17, Wearall | Earrings, $30, Novica | Ballet Slippers, $10, Amazon

Libra is all about all about balance. So, for this costume, get in touch with your inner gymnast, put your hair in two buns on either side of your head for balance wiggle into a leotard and wear a pair of dangly earrings that mimics the look of a scale, don't forget ballet slippers to pull it all together.



Black Tight Pants, $50, H&M | Tight Crop Top, $15, Topshop | Pointy Heels, $50, BCBG | Scorpion, $30, Novica

The Scorpio scorpion is all black and spiky. This look is a little rock and roll and can probably be pulled together by things you already have in your closet. Go for a pair of black tight pants, a tight crop top, some pointy heels, and a scorpion embellishment to make it a bit more obvious.



Bow and Arrow, $11, Amazon | Unicorn Hooves, $6, Tillys | Brown Leotard, $20, Amazon | Horsetail and Headband Set, $32, Amazon

Sagittarius' sign is a centaur, but you probably don't want to dress up as a half human half horse, right? Instead, go for the bow and arrow, and consider wearing some hooves if you really want to get into it! Add a brown leotard and a horsetail, and everyone will get it.



Horns, $90, Etsy | Phyto-Khol Eyeliner, $57, Saks | Brown Jumpsuit, $55, Etsy | Women's Capricorn Boot, $54, BCBG

The Capricorn sign is a goat, but goats can be cute! Goats can even be chic. Wear a nice pair of horns and a some intense brown make up, a brown jump suit, some earthy booties, and this costume can be as glam as you want!



Blue Face Paint, $5, Dolls Kill | Water Print Dress, $98, House of Fraser | Blue Sandals, $17, Nordstrom Rack | Blue Wig, $23, With Chic

Aquarius, you are the queen of the ocean – you are also maybe the easiest Halloween costume, ever! Just dress up as water! Go for some blue face paint, a dress that's got a water print, some blue sandals, and a blue wig.



Mermaid Tail, $70, Etsy | Mermaid Top, $50, River Island | Mermaid Crown, $43, Etsy | Seashell Clutch, $22, Dolls Kill | Rainbow Colored Make Up, $8, Forever 21

Pisces' is also a water sign, but it's got a bohemian vibe. And you know what they say, the mermaid is the hippy of the ocean. (No one said that.) You'll need a mermaid tail, a mermaid top, a mermaid crown, a seashell clutch and some epic rainbow-colored make up.

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