The 12 Best Moth Lamp Memes & Tweets You Need To Further Feed Your Obsession

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you haven't checked your social media in the past few days, you might have missed out on the boom of the latest internet meme trend: Moths. Like, literally just pictures of moths. Kids these days (definitely also adults) are obsessed with photoshopping or captioning a photo of a giant moth that originated on Reddit, usually with funny references to how moths love lamps. Why? Well it's funny. That's all. If you're not familiar with this craze, you're probably scratching your human head right now wondering why this could ever be considered funny — so, in an effort to help, I've rounded up a list of the best moth memes and tweets for your education. Welcome to the future, and you're welcome.

While most people might not know a lot about moths, one thing that surely comes to mind when many think about them is their attraction to light. The proverb "like a moth to a flame" is used to describe an attraction between two things. In the age of endless obsession (whether it's pizza every day, or Ariana Grande's Sweetener album on repeat), millennials understand the power of a one track mind. The allure of a lamp for a moth can be easily transposed into a very real aspect of human nature. Substitute a lamp for your own obsession and suddenly you and moths have everything in common — see how easily that works? Swap out the lamp for a bucket of fro-yo and moths are now #relatable. But in order to really "get" this meme craze, you'll have to check out the creative lengths people have taken to depict this comparison. Here are a few of my favorites:

Moth Alone Time

Even moths need privacy.

50 Shades Of Moth

I would watch THIS movie, yes I would! This is one of the most creative memes I've seen and I am all for that lamp room.

A Disney Classic, Reimagined

A classic Disney memory, totally ruined. That said, I'm happy for this moth and this lamp they deserve love.

More Disney

He's not going to take anything else, don't worry. Why didn't they send a moth in the real movie?

Meta Moth

Who is more obsessed? Moths with lamps or us with moth memes? Honestly, I think at this point it's a tie.

OG Moth Meme

This meme literally works for any internet trend but honestly this particular one is funnier than all the rest. Who can compete with a lamp?

A Valid Comparison

100 percent accurate, my lamp is pizza. What's your lamp?

Moths Are Direct

That's exactly what we love about the moth meme right? Moths have a one track mind, they're just trying to score some lamp, can you blame them?

Ariana For Moth

Did Ariana Grande know that her new song would be an anthem for moths everywhere? Moths everywhere are getting turnt to this uplifting promise of a song.

The Moth Meme Will Go On And On

A love story romantic enough to be directed by James Cameron.

Perspective Though

Too bad the lamp didn't fall on the moth's car though. And no, we're not done with this meme, not even close.

Millennial Moth Love

Raise your hand if you're on Tinder and you've seen more than a few people posing as moths. *This is me not being surprised by how many people raised their hands*