7 Meme-Inspired Halloween 2018 Costumes That Are Also Genuinely Funny


Memes: They're good for the soul. Is there any easier, more effective, or more entertaining way to express yourself and relate to others? I personally don't think so, which is why I voluntarily clog my Instagram feed with meme accounts so I can get my daily fix. And given that it's 2018 and all millennials communicate almost exclusively via memes at this point, it only makes sense that we should also choose some meme Halloween 2018 costumes. Memes both old and new have the potential to make amazing Halloween costumes that are totally creative, hilarious, and of course, highly relatable. And to boot, a lot of memes serve as fun time capsules for our current times, capturing iconic pop culture moments big and small, and representing our generation's collective feels. That's the power of memes. Told ya they were good for the soul.

And while some of these meme costume ideas are very 2018 (i.e. the time to take advantage of those costumes is probably this Halloween and this Halloween only), some other classics may have longer lasting power (#TheDress!!!). The choice is yours.

That said, scroll through your saved screenshots to find all your favorite meme moments, and then carpe diem, y'all! Gotta grab these relevant meme Halloween costume ideas while they're hot. Here are a few solid classics to get you started.

Ariana Grande's General Look

Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt, $8.98, Gildan; Original Gourmet Wild Cherry Lollipops (Pack Of 30), $15.79, Amazon; Nikka Heeled Over The Knee Sock Boots, $44.99, Target; Plaid Hooded Jacket, $38, Forever 21.

This gets to be at the top of the list cause it's current and it just so happens to be one of my fave costume-worthy memes of the year. Perfect for a meme-lovin' couple or BFF costume, make sure your Ariana doesn't forget her high ponytail. And whoever's dressing as Pete, just pair your plaid with some lounge pants and keep your eyes on the ground.

Gym Kardashian

Adult Muscle Shirt, $27.99, Party City; First Layer Fitted Cami Tunic, $9.99, Old Navy; Long Straight Black Hair Wig, $16.66, Light In The Box; Classic Knit Leggings, $3.90, Forever 21.

Simple but hilarious, this super-buff version of Kim Kardashian (or "Gym Kardashian" as the meme came to be known online) is an edited image that you've probably seen a million times with a million different captions. Do you even lift, Kim?

Yodel Kid

vrusa on YouTube

Plus Size Button-Front Top, $23, Forever 21; DailyShoes Cowboy High Heel Rain Boots, $29.99, Amazon; Red Band Collar Bow Tie, $3.99, Tiemart; Western Belt Buckle, $19.99, Halloween Costumes.

Just a kid wearing ginormous cowboy boots yodeling his lil' heart out in a Walmart. This pure-of-heart video hit the masses earlier this year, and for some reason, no one could stop watching it. Pay homage to this pint-sized, big-box-store celebrity with a DIY Yodel Kid costume. Just make sure to buy the boots a few sizes too big for you.

Yanny Or Laurel?

Team Yanny Shirt, $19.95, Etsy; Team Laurel Shirt, $19.95, Etsy.

If you're feeling lazy, the random-as-heck audio clip that blew everyone's minds earlier this year is super easy to pull off in costume form. All you need is a friend who hears the name you don't and a couple of simple t-shirts and you're set. This would be an easy one to DIY, too!

The Dress

And before there was Yanny or Laurel? That's right. There was the dress. The infamous dress that still boggles the mind of the people at large. If I squint hard enough I guess I see the (apparently true-to-life) blue/black combo, but I'm sorry, that dress is gold.

Is This A Pigeon?

Black Glasses, $5.99, Spirit; Butterfly Party Decoration, $5.99, Etsy; Notched Lapel Slim Women's Blazer, $19.99, TB Dress, Sleeveless Pocket Shirt, $5, Forever 21.

One of my favorite meme layouts to have resurfaced this year, the now-famous moment is originally taken from a series called The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. In the original version, the man is shown innocently referencing a butterfly and asking "Is this a pigeon?" — but the layout quickly took on a meme-life of its own, and now you can reenact it IRL on Halloween.

Nyan Cat


CHUANGLI Cat Ear Fur Headband, $8.99, Amazon; Rainbow Adult Cape, $21.12, Partybell; Ivory & Pink Polka Dot Print Anna Cap Sleeve Swing Dress, $68, Unique Vintage.

An oldie but goodie! Nyan cat is forever recognizable and also makes for a super fun costume. Grab your best pink Pop-Tart-looking dress and pair with a rainbow cape and kitty ears. Now go fly through the interwebs.