12 Mother’s Day Gift Baskets To Get Your Mom If You’re Far Away


If you can't be with your mom on Mother's Day this year, you should probably send her something. It won't be as good as your presence, but let's be honest, if you send a ~great~ gift, it will bring her joy. But instead of just blindly picking a pre-curated flower arrangement, send her something a bit more thoughtful to make up for your absence. Send her something that she can actually use or appreciate for a long time. Here I've put together a list of Mother's Day 2019 gift basket ideas to get your mom if you're far away, because a basket of special items will make your mom feel special and it really is that simple.

That's what Mother's Day is really all about, making your mom feel that she is appreciated and loved by showing her that you made an effort to help her feel that way. Taking the time to find your mom a gift basket that's filled with items that she will enjoy is some next level adulting that I'm happy to help with. Below are a selection of gift baskets that range from foodie dreams to classic delights, with a few off-beat options in between, because let's be honest, not all moms want pink flowers and soaps. Some moms would rather have an eco-friendly kit, a New York bagel, or a selection of cheeses. So here are a few easy-to-order ready-made baskets that your mom will be thrilled to receive and enjoy.

A Craft Basket

If your mom enjoys crafts, give her a gift she can actually make something with. This is a unique twist on the classic gift basket and it's a gift that will keep on giving, long after Mother's Day. You might even get a knit hat this year because of it.

A De-Stress Basket

Is it just me or do all moms love lavender? This fragrant gift basket will help your mom chill out on Mother's Day and encourage her to stop and smell the lavender. She deserves it.

A Natural Bath Basket

If your mom is into natural bath products, she's going to love this Burt's Bees explosion. All of the best products are in one basket and she'll have a blast trying them out and pampering herself. Plus the body scrubbers are a great way to wake up your skin for the warm weather.

A Cheese Basket

If your mom loves cheese, this is is the basket for her. What's more, a lot of these items have a long shelf life so if she wants to save it for a night that she's entertaining, she can do that too.

A Classic Spa Basket

This gift basket brings the spa straight to your mom. With a wide arrangement of high end pamper-forward products, your mom is going to have a lot of fun blissing out with this basket.

A New York Bagel Brunch Basket

Bring the New York bagel brunch straight to your mom. If she doesn't know about the awesomeness that is Goldbelly, the delivering service that sends iconic restaurant dishes to people's homes, she'll be seriously gracious and surprised by this gesture.

A Succulent Collection

Forget the flowers this year, gift your mom some succulents that aren't going to die and end up in the trash in a week. What's more, these cute potted plants double as decor so for a very reasonable price, you're giving your mom a very sustainable "bouquet".

A Full Brunch Basket

Just because you can't host a Mother's Day brunch this year doesn't mean you can't still give your mom the gift of a gourmet prepared meal! This gift basket literally comes with an entire brunch spread with everything from meat to jam. Missing out on the holiday will easily be pardoned with this thoughtful spread.

A Green Basket

If you could give your mom a gift and do something good for the planet at the same time, you would, right? Well, you can, so no excuses. Instead of sending her something that creates a lot of waste — like plastic-wrapped flowers or "goodies" that will only end up in a landfill — send her a care package that will make her life easier and help her eliminate waste, all in one.

All The Chocolate

You can't go wrong with chocolate. If you're going to send your mom a classic chocolate basket, make it a good one. Godiva is top of the tops, so treat your mom to the best. If you're lucky, there will still be chocolate left by the time you're able to visit your mom next.

A Tea Time Basket

This adorable tea time gift basket comes with everything your mom could need to have a picturesque and delicious high tea for days. It comes with fresh scones, a selection of tea and some savory crisps too.

An Invigorating Spa Basket

Your mom works hard, and she deserves to relax hard. This mint-themed spa kit comes with a selection of products that not only help to create a calm vibe, but to also perform some seriously relaxing duties.