12 Movies On Netflix Right Now To Watch While The Winter Storm Keeps You Inside

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For those of you who live on the East Coast, you're probably right in the middle of experiencing the winter bomb cyclone, which is hammering down snow and hurricane force winds across several states. The unusual winter storm could be one of the strongest East Coast winter storms in recent memory, and depending on where you live, that might mean lots and lots of snow and reason to stay curled up inside. If that's the case, get out Netflix, because these streaming movies are perfect to watch during this latest winter storm.

Between new movies and old school tales from the '90s, the picks on the list below will keep you occupied while you're stuck inside, and they're all streaming on Netflix. It doesn't matter what genre you love; the list contains everything from Rent for the musical types, to The Secret Life of Pets for those who love animated films, to Cool Runnings for those who want a little tropical winter influence. The snow on the streets outside should not be the reason for you to have a gloomy day and night – make the most of the storm by snuggling under the covers and having a little Netflix marathon with these 12 great films.

1. Cool Runnings

If you haven't seen Cool Runnings (writer: Lynn Siefert), this is the perfect time to do so and check out the story of the Jamaican bobsled team.

2. Casper

It's Casper the friendly ghost in this movie (writer: Sherri Stoner). This movie has the perfect mix of humor, spookiness and love.

3. Bring It On

Yes, it is freezing outside, but there is nothing like a little competition to heat things up. Grab that cup of cocoa and bring on the cheerleading fights in this film (co-producer: Jessica Bendinger).

4. The Godfather

The Godfather (casting: Andrea Eastman) and its two sequels are on Netflix. If there's no need for you to go outside in the horrendous weather, stay in and watch all of the glory from this mafia drama.

5. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (screenwriter: Kristen Buckley) will get you thinking about your own dating life while you're stuck inside, away from everyone else.

6. Wedding Crashers

This movie (costume designer: Denise Wingate) starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson is worth watching to get the laughs going while you're snowed in.

7. Rent

If you love musicals, Rent (associate producer: Paula DuPré Pesmen) is just for you. What's better than being at home and singing "Seasons of Love" at the top of your lungs?

8. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

What's a movie day without a little Star Wars? If only you could fight the snowstorm the way stormtroopers fight their enemies in Rogue One (producer: Kathleen Kennedy).

9. The Little Rascals

Snow days often remind us of our childhoods, and this movie (director: Penelope Spheeris) is great for reminding you about all the ridiculous antics you got into with your neighborhood friends.

10. While You Were Sleeping

Snow days can also mean a busload of catching up on sleep. This love story (associate producer: Elaine Johnson) is a perfect combo of two things you'll probably experience during this bomb cyclone: sleep and snow.

11. Would You Rather?

If you like a little scare, this movie is up your alley. Would You Rather? (casting: Ivy Isenberg) is about a group of desperate people who are forced to do horrific things in order to save those they love.

12. The Secret Life Of Pets

Your pets get to stay in every day. Since you're home, you get to enjoy the world your pets experience daily with this movie (production supervisor: Delphine Le Roch) and hopefully have them snuggled up next to you.

If you're working from home or just hanging out due to the cold weather, fire up that Netflix account and get to watching.