12 New Traditions To Start On Mother’s Day This Year


On Sunday, May 12, you have the chance to celebrate someone who is arguably the most important person in your life: your mom. Mother's Day is all about showering your mom with love, appreciation, and gratitude. It's the one day a year that is all about your mother (or at least, it should be), and it's important to make sure she actually feels that way. There are plenty of things you can do to make your mama feel like a true queen for the day, and lots of these things can be turned into annual traditions that both she and you can look forward to throughout the year. If you don't have traditions already, you may want to use this year as your time to start new traditions for Mother's Day.

The nice thing about doing the same thing (or a variation of the same thing) every year is that you're really making memories you can remember together. Sure, you can do the basic Mother's Day stuff and still have a fantastic day: go out to dinner, make her breakfast in bed, buy some plants and start gardening, among other things. There's nothing wrong with this stuff! But if you want to branch out and try something new that you can do each year after that, there are plenty of other ideas out there.

Below are a few new traditions you should start for Mother's Day. Any of them will make your mom feel appreciated and loved — and give you both some great bonding opportunities.


Going Out For A Picnic Brunch


Going out for brunch on Mother's Day is nice in theory, but in actuality, it's usually really crowded and hectic. You could make her brunch at home, but to make things more interesting, why not go outside? If the weather is nice enough, take advantage of it — pack a picnic brunch, then head to a nice park or beach and enjoy your meal in the great outdoors.


Taking A Road Trip


Get in some quality family time by taking a mini road trip each year. It can be about two or three hours away so you don't have to go far, just make sure the destination offers up plenty of things to do and see for the day. It's exciting and it's a fun and different way to spend the day. Plus, you get to bond in the car!


Doing A Little Photo Session


Start making it a point to take a picture with your mom every Mother's Day so that you can compare them throughout the years. You guys can do something cute like always standing in the same spot or always wearing the same shirt or striking the same pose, or just keep it simple. Years from now, you'll cherish the memories.


Making Her Dinner


Since most moms don't want to have to cook for themselves or their families on Mother's Day, most restaurants are generally pretty packed, whether it's brunch or dinner. Instead of going out, save money and make your mom dinner at home. Pick her favorite meal and whip it up, or try something different and new while she relaxes.


Letting Her Teach You Something


Start a tradition where you spend each Mother's Day learning at least one thing from your mom... and let her pick what that is. It should be something enjoyable for both of you that you can bond over. Or, even if she's not actually teaching you something, just do something she likes.


Learning Something New Together


You can also use Mother's Day as an opportunity to learn something new together. Maybe decide that each Mother's Day, you're going to treat your mom to a new experience. That could mean taking a cooking class together, doing a pottery class together, learning how to knit from a YouTube video. The key is to picking something your mom is interested in, obviously.


Having A Spa Day


Is going to the spa for Mother's Day kind of a cliché? Sure, but that doesn't mean it isn't amazing. The spa can be super relaxing, and your mom probably needs and deserves a day of pampering. Make your gift to her massages, facials, and some quality time in the steam room.


Setting Up A Wine Night


If your mom is a big fan of wine, start a tradition where you spend each Mother's Day evening putting together a fancy cheese board, then drinking lots of wine in the comfort of your own home. It's easy, delicious, and a great way to talk to each other.


Going Hiking


It's nice to get outside sometimes, especially in the spring when the weather should be beautiful. If your mom likes to be in nature, make a Mother's Day hike the new thing you do every year. Even if it's something small and easy, it's a nice way to spend some time together.


Giving Her Some Alone Time


Try not to take this personally, but sometimes all your mom really wants for Mother's Day is some time to herself. Ask her if she'd like to take a break for the day or a few hours, then don't call her, text her, or ask her to do anything - just let her be on her own. And distract your dad too!


Making Time For Grandma Too


If you're lucky enough to still have a grandmother around, start to include her in a tradition. Bring her and your mom out to lunch, or simply sit with them both and talk for a few hours. It's a nice way to spend some time with your mom and her mom.


Talking About Her Memories


Remember that your mom had a life before you were born! Use Mother's Day as your time to ask her things about her childhood, look at old pictures, or watch old videos. She'll love to bring it up and it will teach you so much about her as well.