What To Get Your Mom On Mother’s Day 2018, Based On Her Zodiac Sign


Despite the fact that I know and understand that Mother's Day comes around once every year, I'm somehow always blindsided by it. I'm never prepared with a great gift, and I always stress out last-minute about what to get my mom that I haven't already gotten her before. If you're reading this Mom, I'm sorry: it's not you, it's me. So this year for Mother's Day — which falls on Sunday, May 13 in 2018 — instead of going through the same motions of frantic forgetfulness and last minute wilted grocery store bouquets, I'm going to break down some gift ideas with a little bit of help from the stars. That's right, this year, it's all about what to get your mom on Mother's Day based on her zodiac sign. Because without any guidance, we often end up getting our mothers things that they really wished we just saved our money on.

So here I've put together a list of the things your mother is most likely to appreciate, based on her astrological sign and how it influences what she's drawn to. Flowers are great, but they're not for everyone. Depending on your mother's sign, you might be better off getting her something incredibly practical, totally DIY, or super nostalgic.

Not all moms swoon for the same gifts, so this year make it personal.


10” Skillet



Fire signs are drawn to shiny new things, but they're also drawn to the flame, which makes a shiny new thing for the kitchen a perfect gift for an Aries. Get your mom a fresh new skillet so that she can toss the old rusty one away, finally.


Spring Box



Taurus love luxury, but they're practical people who like to have top quality things around the home. The Mostess subscription service will send your mom a box of super high end fancy kitchen items that are great for entertaining, or just keeping on display.




State Optical Co.

Geminis tend to be a bit forgetful, they're the kind of people who are so wrapped up in the present moment that they often lose things — which is why they don't care much about having expensive things. Get your mom a really nice pair of sunglasses that your mom will like so much, she'll never let them out of her sight.


Custom Shampoo & Conditioner


Function of Beauty

Cancers like really thoughtful gifts that feel personal. Head to Function of Beauty's website, fill out a little questionnaire based on your mom's hair needs and get her a totally personalized hair care system, proving that you really took the time to think about her this Mother's Day.


The Harlow


Urban Stems

Leos like to be showered with affection in a traditional way, but instead of getting your mom the traditional bouquet of flowers that will dry out and die in a few days, get her a potted plant that will stick around for a while. This gorgeous succulent plant comes in this awesome pot and will easily live til Father's Day.


Urbana Mini



Virgos are very particular about their possessions, especially their tech gadgets — they like to keep their electronics safe, organized and clean. If your mom is obsessed with her iPad, but never takes it out of the house because she's too scared of breaking it, get her this cute travel bag so she can relax and enjoy her iPad on the go.


Short Waffle Bathrobe


Mary Monogrammary

Libras really appreciate thoughtfulness and value time and effort. Taking the time to monogram a fresh new bathrobe for your mom is a great way to make her feel special and pampered.


Hopper Flip 8



Scorpio moms are super adventurous. They're always on the go and making last minute travel plans. Get your mom a soft cooler that she can take with her on long hikes, camping trips, and last minute road trips. It's like a giant lunch box that stays cold for days.


Justina Blakeney Tropics Lumbar Pillow


Lulu & Georgia

The Sagittarius mom is excited by colors and new decorations. Get her a decorative pillow that she'd never find on her own, but will totally appreciate. One throw pillow can change the entire vibe of a room.


Fitbit Versa



Capricorns are overachievers, so giving them a tool to keep track of their activity is a great way to keep them interested in what they're doing! Plus, if you already have a Fitbit, getting your mom one will give the two of you another way to bond, you can do daily challenges to outstep and motivate each other.


Hardcover Photo Book


Artifact Uprising

If your mom is a nostalgic Aquarius, she's going to love this hardbound photo album that you put together for her. If you have siblings, this is a great opportunity to make a group gift that will totally warm your mom's heart.


Classic Bed Sheets



Pisces are dreamers, but if your mom is sleeping on a set of sheets that are older than you are, it's time to treat her to a fresh set so that she can actually sleep as well as she deserves.