12 Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween 2017 That Are So Easy, That Anyone Can Pull Them Off

I'll come right out and admit it: the real reason why I don't decorate for Halloween is because I literally don't know how to carve a pumpkin. I mean, theoretically, I understand that you carve a pumpkin by using a knife — but the whole artistic part of carving a pumpkin, and the whole surgical part of gutting a pumpkin is just a bit over my head. I don't know, maybe I'm just too lazy — but part of being a seemingly functional adult during Halloween is learning some grown-ass pumpkin carving ideas so you can publicly celebrate the holiday to show your neighbors (and Instagram followers, TBH) that you are organized, and that you at the very least know what month it is.

And as someone who was late to work on Monday because I thought it was Sunday, I know that it's time to make some attempts at adulting. And for me, that starts with learning how to carve a pumpkin so I can stick it in my window and show all the people out on the street that I am grown-up and hear me roar and all that. But because I have no idea how to do all that, I had to turn to the internet to figure out a pumpkin-carving game plan. And as it turns out, (thank god I researched this) there are actually a ton of different ways to carve a pumpkin. Here are a few of the most easy-to-understand carving tutorials that will have your house looking spooky-cute in no time:

Make A Monster Pumpkin

Christopher Lovell on YouTube

No one said pumpkins have to be cute. If you want a grotesque and creepy pumpkin, just follow this tutorial. Just be careful with your fingers, those teeth are no joke.

Make 3D Effects

VillafaneStudios on YouTube

If you've got an artistic bone in your body, you should try out this super realistic 3D pumpkin carving tutorial. These pumpkins end up looking so real, it's hard to believe they're not made out of clay.

Cut Out Realistic Faces

SpykDaBarstud Adult Gamers & geeks on YouTube

I've your patient and can focus long enough to do a detailed portrait like this, power to you.

Carve Silly Faces

Martha Stewart on YouTube

Classic Martha. She's always got an easy-to-follow tutorial that makes something that looks really difficult, really easy to recreate.

Use A Stencil

HowStuffWorks on YouTube

With stencils, the possibilities are endless. Print a stencil of your dog, your roommate, your favorite kind of pizza — be as creative as you want!

Create Pumpkin Flowers

dusit1972 on YouTube

This is literally what Pinterest dreams are made of. This gorgeous take on pumpkin caving is perfect for you if you're not that into Halloween.

Make Pumpkin Creatures

Town of Carefree on YouTube

If you're in the market to go all out on Halloween, carve these creatures and let them hang out in your windows and at your doorstep, both impressing and creeping out your neighbors.

Try Using Power Tools

Mark Stoffels on YouTube

This method looks so fun! I mean, obviously don't do this unless you either know how to use a power tool or have adult supervision.

Make A DIY Carving Tool

Katie Campshure on YouTube

OK, if you don't have any carving tools at home, don't fret. I you have a pencil, a bobby pin and a piece of tape, you're good to go, literally.

Make A Cute Pumpkin

Makeup&More on YouTube

Forget the toothy monster faces, make a magical Disney pumpkin instead! The kids in your neighborhood will surely appreciate it.

Try Using A Rotary Tool

Chris Scott on YouTube

Again, don't try this at home unless you're very comfortable with this tool or have the help and supervision of someone who is. But if you want to carve a pumpkin fast, this is going to be a great method for you.

Or, Forget The Pumpkin Altogether

Glam&Gore on YouTube

Don't worry — if you didn't have time to go to the pumpkin patch, you can just turn your face into a jack-o-lantern. Because this is the internet, and anything is possible.

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