12 Quietly Terrifying Disney Movies You're Still Having Nightmares About Years Later

Walt Disney Pictures

Disney movies were meant to be for kids — so why were they so damn scary? While you might have been too cool to admit at the time that they gave you the chills, now that you're an adult it's OK to say that there were way too many terrifying Disney movies that kept you up at night. Let's be real. The bright colors and the major chord melodies were all just there to distract from the innate horror of some of those stories.

Trading your voice for legs and hoping a complete stranger would find your silent self attractive enough to kiss? Inadvertently contributing to your father's murder, raising yourself as an orphan, and having to defeat your wicked uncle to take back a throne? Sentient toys who move around your house and live full lives when you aren't looking at them? Honestly, these scenarios are enough to make your mind reel forever, and yet they still form the central story of some of the most beloved Disney movies of all time.

Make sure you've got a pillow to hide behind, because we're going to delve into some of the darkest moments in films that were at least theoretically made to delight kids.