12 Reasons 'Drake & Josh' Will Always Be Iconic

by Taylor Ferber

Back in 2004, a little show called Drake & Josh premiered on Nickelodeon and rocked fans' worlds for three years. The comedy series now lives on through hilarious GIFs, and unfortunately, recent drama between its costars Drake Bell and Josh Peck. But drama aside, the show should live on regardless, since Drake & Josh is hilarious and iconic in its own right.

The series portrays the journey of two new stepbrothers, who's personality are complete opposites, yet they eventually become buddies through their wild antics. The show's physical humor takes otherwise boring life scenarios and makes them crazy-entertaining, while also capturing life as a teen. Perhaps what makes the show so unique is its unapologetic tendencies to get seriously goofy and unconventional. And obviously, everyone who watched wanted to be BFFs with Drake and Josh.

However, the two have seemingly parted ways as friends in real life, which was highlighted by Peck's wedding in June. Reportedly, other people involved in Drake & Josh were invited to the wedding, but Bell was not. A since-deleted tweet from Bell read, "True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I'll miss you brotha." Peck has also admitted the two aren't friends in real life any more.

Sure, fans are weeping, but Drake & Josh will always be there for them. The show's greatness is highlighted in the reasons below.


The Theme Song

The theme song is catchy AF. It's totally a perfect fit to get audiences in the upbeat mood of the show, and it's also unique in that one of its stars performed it.


Slapstick Humor

Yes, the over-the-top antics on the show are often ridiculous (and probably a tad unrealistic for day-to-day life). But all of the crazy body movements, yelling, and dance moves are also what make the show so wildly entertaining.


The Perfect Amount Of Cheesiness

In all of the show's campiness, there are also on-point, hilarious jokes and heartfelt moments. The cheesiness factor, while balanced with these other elements of the show, is also a staple that kept fans coming back for more.


How It Embodies Teen Life

Whether it be school struggles, relationships problems, or annoying little siblings, Drake & Josh portrays the awkward ups and downs of growing up. But of course, it always gives teen life a little extra humor, heart, and ridiculousness.


The Importance Of Overcoming Differences

These two help breathe new life into the age-old tale of two complete opposites overcoming their differences to make an amazing team. Drake is a simple guy who plays guitar and does well with the ladies. Josh is a science nerd who challenges others, loves Oprah and magic tricks, and has little luck with ladies. Together, they're unstoppable and help each other grow.


It's Relatable

Whether identifying with the nerd, the ladies' man, a teen trying to navigate life, or a kid figuring out their place in a family, the show provides plenty of character traits audiences can relate to, regardless of gender.


Support Of Individuality

While Drake and Josh are completely different and eccentric in their own ways, neither tries to dull the other's shine. Their quirks, interests, and talents are what make them the individuals audiences love to watch, encouraging viewers to embrace their originality too.


Miranda Cosgrove

This lady, who played Drake's little pest of a sister, is such an underrated part of the show. Whether you love to hate, or hate to love, Cosgrove's character Megan, no one can deny she's a sly queen and the epitome of petty (in a good way).


It Embraces Goofiness

Drake & Josh episodes are timeless because they're guaranteed to make viewers belly laugh. Friends gets silly and all, but D&J really takes it to the next level, because sometimes life is just taken way too seriously.


Themes About Family

Drake and Josh are more than just new friends; they're new brothers. Accepting and embracing each other also means becoming a family unit, showing the importance of loving family unconditionally. No matter what challenges they face, they always come together in the end.


Pure Escapism

Whether overwhelmed by the challenges of day-to-day life, or in need of an escape from tough realities of the real world, Drake & Josh depicts a lightheartedness guaranteed to leave stress behind for a little while.


Watching Them Grow Up

Perhaps the greatest thing about this show is the fact that fans have been able to watch their journey and see them grow from awkward teens to upstanding men. Although they unfortunately didn't remain as close in real life, luckily, there will always be Drake & Josh to look back on.