These Halloween Party Ideas Are So Scary That Your Friends Might Actually Hate You, TBH
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Halloween is quickly approaching, and you might have a party already planned. But if not, you're probably looking for a few scary Halloween party ideas that'll really help things get spooky.

Halloween is the ideal time to really let your creativity shine. While some people like to showcase their sense of humor for the holidays (think, punny costumes that are set to make people laugh), others appreciate the holiday since it's the perfect time to dish out some scares. If you grew up in the kind of environment where your dad morphed your home into a haunted house for all of the neighborhood kids to enjoy, you might be looking to recreate those same feelings today.

Of course, you'll have to get a good idea of how much is too much for your partygoers. And if you offer up a few scary games to play, you should definitely respect those who might not want to participate. But surely you'll be able to find a bunch of people who'd be into the ~spooky~ theme, since when most people think of the holiday, they think of bats, ghosts, black cats, and all the good stuff.

Here are a few good ideas for some scary activities you can plan for your upcoming Halloween party.


Bust out the Ouija board.

Back when you were a teen, there's a good chance that you were totally enthralled by the Ouija board — especially since a bunch of parents back in the day were against them. This is a fun party game that can easily get a little bit spooky, depending on the crowd you invite over (or the spirits that are hanging out in your home).


Plan a trip to a graveyard.

There's no spookier venue than a graveyard, if you happen to live near one that encourages visitors like Spooky Hollow, and you have friends who will be respectful towards the dead. Nothing gets the skin crawling quite like graveyards do. Just make sure to check visiting hours and the vibe of the place to make sure you're not trespassing or getting in anyone's way.

If it seems like that might be the case, consider mapping out a few graveyards in your area and do a "driving tour." As a bonus, you can tell a few scary stories to make it all a little creepier.


Practice your levitation.

Without a group of friends, you can't play "Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board." While a lot of childhood games are borderline silly, this one is creepy because it works. (Granted, you're not going to levitate ten feet in the air, but you'll still feel it.) Also, as a fun fact, this wasn't a game created to spook teens in the '80s. It actually dates back to the 17th century, believe it or not.

All you need is the chant, the story, and a little bit of focus.


Play "Hide And Seek" in the dark.

This might be seen as another children's game, but you know what? Hide and seek can get kind of creepy. Especially if you've got a lot of decent places in your home to hide. Make the house pitch dark, and let someone try to find the rest of the gang. To up the scary-level, have a few friends jump out of their spots seconds before officially being "found." It'll get hearts racing.


Read some scary stories out loud.

You don't need to illuminate your face with a flashlight, but you can still make your stories spooky. A good place to look is on the r/nosleep subreddit — otherwise known as the subreddit with the scariest stories. While most of them are fictional (at least, to my knowledge) some are so freakishly good that you'll be up all night.


Take a late night hike in the woods.

Unlike the graveyard, there's no hours set for the great outdoors. And, if you've never toured the woods at night, it can be quite the scary situations. Let's just say that the sounds of nature are a lot more terrifying when the sun isn't out. (Speaking of, make sure you bring a bunch of flashlights. Trust me, it'll still be spooky for the people who want to participate.)


Bake creepy treats.

What's a holiday without a few snacks? While there's no shortage of spooky recipes out there, we especially love the deathly chocolate graveyard cakes featured above, from Half Baked Harvest. Of course, if you're looking for scares, you'll probably do best baking treats that resemble eyeballs, human organs, and other things that can be in the category of "necessary, but gross."


Make your party candle-lit.

Not only will you save on electricity, but you'll create an eerie glow. As a pro-tip, you might want to go with unscented candles — or perhaps just stick with a fall-related scent. Otherwise, the mixed scent explosion may make your party scary for reasons you didn't intend.


Buy some dry ice.

Dry ice is one of those things that you hear about a lot, but rarely see in action — unless you've bought some groceries online, and happen to find some in the packaging. Just make sure that if you use it in your decor, you're extremely careful — it may be cold, but it can easily burn and permanently damage your skin if handled incorrectly.

The Kitchn has a few ideas to incorporate dry ice in your Halloween decor. For instance, try putting it in a jack-o-lantern. Just a little bit of water will give you the foggy results you desire.


Have a scary movie marathon.

One of the best parts about Halloween is the fact that there are so many creepy movies that'll keep you up at night. Whether it's Psycho, Night of the Living Dead, or the recently released Get Out, you have a ton of titles to choose from. Have each friend bring their favorite, and prepare to be spooked.


Play "Pandora's Box".

If you've never heard of the game before, here's how it goes: You'll fill four shoeboxes — one with something unpleasant (like ice, or sandpaper) one with something creepy (this'll be the time to peel those grapes for eyeballs) one with something gross (worms, or spaghetti are good) and one with something nice (perhaps cotton balls or marshmallows). Obviously the chances of touching something icky are at 75 percent. Or, perhaps you'll be the lucky one.


Bust out a murder mystery game.

Murder mysteries aren't just for dinner theater. A company called Whodunnit Mysteries has a bunch of games available for all party sizes. With the perfect game, your friends will be talking about your party for years to come.



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