Tax Day Memes & Tweets To Share

As the deadline for filing taxes draws near, many are still dreading having to review their personal finances (I'm one of them). If you're currently stuck in the hell of trying to find receipts from over a year ago, these Tax Day memes and tweets to share with friends may be helpful, adding a little necessary humor to the situation. Getting your taxes in on time is no joke, but thankfully the kind people of Twitter understand that indulging in some funny memes can make an odious task more palatable. We are all in this together, people — so whether you're crunching numbers and crying over your calculator or counting the days till that fat tax return is deposited in your bank account, everyone can relate to these jokes about tax season.

In 2017, Tax Day is April 18, meaning procrastinators have three extra days than usual to file their annual returns. The good news: It will all soon be over; then we can wait an entire year before worrying about W-2s and dependents and write-offs again. Those expecting money back this year probably already have the extra cash flow spent in their mind, while those who owe the government may be stocking up on packets of ramen to get themselves through the next few months. Either way, once those forms are in, you can finally enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have all the stress of tax season melt away and finally be able to listen to the birds chirping, smell the blooming flowers, and feel the sun shining on your face... that is, unless you get audited.

Here are a few Tax Day memes to share with your friends and make everyone feel a little less alone firing up the TurboTax this weekend instead of going to brunch.


Tax Day Can Be Confusing For So Many Reasons


So True


Totally Logical Thoughts You Have On Tax Day:


Only After Tax Season Is Complete Can We Enjoy A New Season Of 'Game Of Thrones'


The More You Know


To Use An Accountant Or Not To Use An Accountant? That Is The Tax Season Question


Cutest H&R Employee Ever


My Current Feeling State:


If Only We Could All Be This Lucky


Seems Logical Enough


All The Monies!


Santa's Got Nothing On This List!

Happy Tax Day, y'all!