What I Don't Want To See On 'RHONY' Season 9

by Marenah Dobin
Matthew Eiseman/Bravo

I am so happy that Real Housewives of New York City is back for a Season 9, but I'm hoping that it doesn't end up being a Season 8, Part 2 situation. There are lots of things I don't want to see from this current Real Housewives of New York City season. Unfortunately, the show has wrapped up filming and I assume all of the episodes are already edited and ready to go, so at this point all we can do is hope.

I actually loved the last season, but I just don't want this one to be a continuation of that. I want new story lines and there are plenty of things I never want to hear about again. I'm here for the fresh one-liners, the twists and turns, and the trips to new locations. I'm all about the Housewives moving forward and taking the fans along for the ride. I'm not a fan of recycling the plot lines that we have already beat into the ground. Last season was off the charts with the drama and I am hoping that this one will be even better.

I have high hopes for RHONY's ninth season and I know it would be the best season ever if the following elements were left on the cutting room floor.

1. The Annual Ramona Renewal

I love Ramona Singer the way she is. She's erratic, meddlesome, and hilarious. Still, she vows to become a better person each year and mark the occasion with some sort of themed event. To quote Bethenny Frankel, "Shut the f*ck up with your new beginnings." I'm so not here for it.

2. The Lack Of A Story Line For Carole

I miss the days when Carole Radziwill was making inappropriate sexual jokes during her on-camera interviews and arguing with Luann de Lesseps. Now she's just accumulating pets and living peacefully with her boyfriend. On top of that, it looks like she's going to be talking about the election a lot this season. That is a time traveling sesh that I don't want to take. Can Carole please be involved in some more of the drama this year?

3. The Hate Against Dorinda's Boyfriend

Dorinda is happy with John, so why can't everyone else be cool with it? She even gets free dry cleaning out of this relationship.

4. The Constant Gossip About Tom's Past

Clearly Luann doesn't care about anything (or anyone) that Tom used to do, so there's no point in bringing it all up (again). She is just going to do whatever she wants anyway. Let's not waste time on this fruitless conversation and just discuss something else. Anything else.

5. The Acceptance Of Any New Shady Situations

If Tom D'Agostino gets himself into any new questionable situations, I don't want to see Luann accept them. It broke my heart last year when Luann started to blame herself for the Tom situation during the reunion. I know these two are currently married, so I'm just hoping everything remains fine between them.

6. The Updates On Luann's Wedding Planning

We get it: You're engaged. I just hope that this isn't the only thing Luann wants to talk about this year. Unless she's pulling a Shereé Whitfield and flipping out on an event planner, I don't care to see cake tastings and flower decisions.

7. The Clinginess Of Bethenny & Carole

I love that these two have a genuine friendship. They are loyal to each other and I think it's great. But, I want to see them interacting with the other cast members, too, instead of just going to lunch alone.

8. The Shade Against Sonja's Business Attempts & Finances

As a self-appointed RHONY historian, I am well aware that some of Sonja Morgan's stories don't add up — I just don't care. She's in her own world and we are all just living in it. Sure, that toaster oven is never going to come out, but there's no reason to hate on Sonja for trying. Whether she succeeds or not, Sonja is always passionate about her interests and eager to succeed. Why crush those dreams?

9. The Lack Of Specifics On Ramona & Bethenny's Love Lives

I respect their privacy, but I just feel teased when we see Ramona come home from a "hot lunch date," but she doesn't even mention who it was with. That's such a tease to the viewers. Bethenny and Ramona have been on the show for years, so they are friends in my head. I just want to know how my friends are doing and who they're interested in.

10. Putting Each Other Down For Who They Date

The last few seasons have been chock full of shaming when it comes to who the women date and even included some inappropriate name calling. There is nothing acceptable about that, and there is nothing wrong with two consenting adults doing something that they are comfortable with. Season 9 needs to be more more supportive. I didn't like it when Bethenny called Luann a "whore" during the Birkshires trip last year, Luann saying Carole was a "pedophile" because of her younger boyfriend, and some of the cast hating on Sonja for dating guys in their twenties.

11. The Divide Between Ramona & Sonja

It seems like Sonja and Ramona are definitely on good terms these days, but it's just not like the gold old days. I loved their wild antics and blind loyalty in the past. It really breaks my hear to see them disagreeing or talking behind each other's backs. I miss Ramonja.

12. The Skinnygirl Product Placement

Bethenny has more money than any of us could imagine. It is a little much for every scene to have products with the Skinnygirl logos out facing the camera. I can deal with some references during an event or brand meeting, but I'm really not here for the red appliances and wrappers in the background of an emotional scene. (For example, when Bethenny hosted that brunch in the Hamptons in Season 7.) There have been lots of not-so-subtle product plugs like when Bethenny was "breaking down" while she shared that Tom news with Luann but calmed herself down by chugging Skinnygirl alcohol. It's just too much and beyond unnecessary.

I feel like Season 8 was one of the best seasons yet, so Season 9 has a lot to live up to, but if we leave these 12 things out, I know it's going to be a good one.