12 Things LaCroix Fans Need In Their Lives

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OK, no matter what misgivings you might have had when you first heard of it, you gotta admit — LaCroix has a great aesthetic that only enhances its taste. The blended rainbow colors make for a dazzling combination of prettiness — and the good news is some online vendors have caught on enough to replicate these patterns on their products. Suddenly, the world opens with possibility — you can get LaCroix tank tops, LaCroix water bottles, even LaCroix hair. Everything that was once impossible, is now possible, thanks to some manufacturing magic; the things you can buy if you love LaCroix seems almost limitless.

LaCroix may not have been on the scene very long, but it's definitely made its mark — arguably as the most iconic "millennial" drink of its time. Whether it's the slew of flavor options, the pretty cans, or simply that click-hiss of opening one in front of your coworkers in the office, it has drummed up a lot of love in a little time. It was dubbed "The Drink of Summer" by Refinery29 in 2016, is now obviously getting major props for being something other than delicious to the taste buds. So why not wear your heart (for LaCroix) on your sleeve now with some cool merchandise Read on to find out what some of your options are for repping this pastel-inspired brand.

1Can You Not Shirt

Can You Not Shirt


This adorable shirt is sassy and employs the best aesthetic of the LaCroix logo, with a little bit of nostalgia from your old favorite paper cups added to the mix.

2LaCroix Cran Raspberry Sparkling Water Soda Can Aluminum Stars

LaCroix Cran Raspberry Sparkling Water Soda Can Aluminum Stars


If you wanted to ring Christmas in a bit early, your'e in luck — these ornaments honor the raspberry flavor, while also being the perfect mechanism for you to sport some seltzer drink love. And good news: the shop reps for other flavors, too, so odds are your fave is in there somewhere.

3Coffee Then LaCroix Mug

Coffee Then LaCroix Mug


Which order do you drink your two must-have beverages in? Either way, this mug represents the need for both. Plus it will totally match your can of LaCroix (which, if you're being honest, you're probable drinking simultaneously).

4LaCroix Addiction Love Card

LaCroix Addiction Love Card


This neatly designed card is perfect art to honor all the colors that your long-time lover, LaCroix, comes in.

5Recycled LaCroix Can Earrings

Recycled LaCroix Can Earrings


If you think LaCroix can't be an accessory for the fashion-forward to sport, then you're wrong, because these earrings prove that there's really no style that LaCroix can't enhance. Now you can drink your lemon LaCroix and wear it, too.

6LaCroix Grapefruit Pamplemousse Sparkling Water Can Bird Magnet

LaCroix Grapefruit Pamplemousse Sparkling Water Can Bird Magnet


Combine animals and aesthetic and you get a LaCroix magnet to paste on your fridge that you can see each time before you open it to fetch your beloved, drinkable LaCroixs. (Bonus points if you use the magnet to flip upside down or right side up to signal to your roommates whether or not you all need to restock the fridge.)

7LaCroix Over Boys Banner

LaCroix Over Boys Banner


Great art for your bedroom that's a teasing play on "Fries Before Guys" (even if it could more accurately read "La Croix Over Humans, Or Pretty Much Anything That Isn't A Dog").

8LaCroix A-Line Dress

LaCroix A-Line Dress


LaCroix on a dress wasn't all-present on the runways, but if the RedBubble vendor hawking this had their way, every lucky fan would be sporting this look.

9LaCroix Handmade Notebooks

LaCroix Handmade Notebooks


Write down all your deepest, darkest secrets in these handy LaCroix notebooks. Or just use them for your grocery lists to remind yourself you need more LaCroix.

10Ya Boix Lacroix Hand Embroidered Hoop

Ya Boix Lacroix Hand Embroidered Hoop


Look at this clever embroidery! Now look at back your can. Look at the embroidery, back at your can. Similar? Definitely. Worth hanging up? Yes!

11LaCroix Lime Handmade Crochet Sparkling Water Can Hat

LaCroix Lime Handmade Crochet Sparkling Water Can Hat


Winter is coming, and just as you probably won't surrender the LaCroix cans for hot cocoa drinks, you probably can bet that this hat is the perfect way to display your undying, non-seasonally-contingent love of the drink.

12LaCroix Sweetie Leggings

LaCroix Sweetie Leggings


These leggings say it all, don't they? Sip on, sweetie.