12 Things LaCroix Fans Need In Their Lives

Courtesy of Brands

OK, no matter what misgivings you might have had when you first heard of it, you gotta admit — LaCroix has a great aesthetic that only enhances its taste. The blended rainbow colors make for a dazzling combination of prettiness — and the good news is some online vendors have caught on enough to replicate these patterns on their products. Suddenly, the world opens with possibility — you can get LaCroix tank tops, LaCroix water bottles, even LaCroix hair. Everything that was once impossible, is now possible, thanks to some manufacturing magic; the things you can buy if you love LaCroix seems almost limitless.

LaCroix may not have been on the scene very long, but it's definitely made its mark — arguably as the most iconic "millennial" drink of its time. Whether it's the slew of flavor options, the pretty cans, or simply that click-hiss of opening one in front of your coworkers in the office, it has drummed up a lot of love in a little time. It was dubbed "The Drink of Summer" by Refinery29 in 2016, is now obviously getting major props for being something other than delicious to the taste buds. So why not wear your heart (for LaCroix) on your sleeve now with some cool merchandise Read on to find out what some of your options are for repping this pastel-inspired brand.

1. Can You Not Shirt

2. LaCroix Cran Raspberry Sparkling Water Soda Can Aluminum Stars

3. Coffee Then LaCroix Mug

4. LaCroix Addiction Love Card

5. Recycled LaCroix Can Earrings

6. LaCroix Grapefruit Pamplemousse Sparkling Water Can Bird Magnet

7. LaCroix Over Boys Banner

9. LaCroix Handmade Notebooks

10. Ya Boix Lacroix Hand Embroidered Hoop

11. LaCroix Lime Handmade Crochet Sparkling Water Can Hat

12. LaCroix Sweetie Leggings