12 Things To Buy For The Perfect Rainy Day Inside

by Megan Grant

Rainy days are kind of annoying because the humidity can make you feel like you're walking in soup. Then again, there's something about a rain shower that's peaceful, relaxing, and even rejuvenating. If you plan to stay indoors and watch it come down through the window, here are 12 things to buy for the perfect rainy day inside.

What is it that's so therapeutic about the rain? Maybe it's the gentle sound of the water drops making contact with the ground. Or perhaps it's the way that the rest of the world seems to go silent when a storm hits. Rain quite literally washes the world clean, and it can help cleanse all of us, too.

The gloomy weather should be a downer, and yet, many of us welcome the occasional rainy day. It gives us an excuse to slow down, take a break, and unplug from the daily demands of life (*ahem* not that you need an excuse, just to be clear).

Rainy days call for special preparation. Don't let the clouds put you in a grumpy mood — enjoy the moment. You need your favorite blanket, a squishy pillow, a good movie, a steaming cup of coffee, and these 12 items.