12 Things To Do On Easter 2019 If You’re An Adult

Tiplyashina Evgeniya/Shutterstock

You don't have to sit the Easter egg hunt out this year, even though you're a full-on adult. Easter isn't just for the kids anymore — especially when you put a grown-up spin on the day's festivities. There are plenty of things to do on Easter if you're an adult and a lot of these activities involve getting back in touch with your inner child. Plus, brunch.

The best thing about being an adult is that you make decisions for yourself now. You can dress yourself in any color on Sunday. You can pass on those spring peas you never really liked. You can even make your own Easter feast without supervision should you so please. And perhaps the best thing about being an adult is the limitless amount of candy you sometimes allow yourself to indulge in.

The possibilities for adult activities on Easter, which happens to be Sunday, Apr. 21, are endless. And they're pretty much the grown up versions of all the kiddie stuff you loved to partake in around this time of year anyways. Whether you're going home to hang with your cousins at the family festivities or gathering your closest friends for a pastel and mimosa brunch, there is no shortage of ~adulting~ on Easter.