Inside 'Bachelor' Star Kristina's Real Life

by Lindsey Kupfer
ABC/Mitch Haaseth

It’s hard to get to know all the ladies on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor when Corinne is the only one I really care about, but on last week’s episode, fans finally got to know Bachelor contestant, Kristina Schulman. First of all, bravo to her being honest with Corinne about how she feels, and, second, it seemed like she and Nick were getting along quite well when they had a few moments together. I decided it was time that we get to know Kristina a little more than we already do by creeping on her Instagram, of course. You can really tell a lot about someones life based off their snapshots.

Outside of those few snippets last week, fans really don’t know much about Kristina other than the fact that she’s a dental hygienist from Russia. From her Bachelor bio, one can learn that she was an orphan and was adopted into a loving family when she was younger. “It takes courage to open your heart and home to four orphans and give them a life otherwise unobtainable,” she wrote in her bio. Besides that, she revealed she makes her own clothes when she can’t find anything she likes and she loves to watch Ninja Warrior.

Thankfully, her Instagram revealed a lot about her daily life.

She’s Pals With Other Bach Ladies

Maybe this is just me, but I like the women who go into the Bachelor world and come out with a solid girl squad. It seems Kristina has done just that with her time on the show. She recently posted a photo in Nashville with some of the ladies from Nick’s season, including, Vanessa, Christen, Taylor, and Danielle M.

She Stands Up For Women’s Rights

It’s unclear whether or not Kristina actually walked in the march after inauguration, but she posted a photo of herself next to a sign that reads, “We will not be silent” and captioned the photo, “For women everywhere who deserve a voice, respect, humanity and equity.”

She May Already Be Cashing In On The Show

This looks like the start of a beautiful partnership between Kristina and Instagram ads. I’ll be sitting over here waiting for her first Science Smiles or Hello Fresh post.

She Has A Very Serious Relationship With Her Puppy

“Every brunette needs a blonde best friend,” she captioned one of the many photos of her with her dog.

She's A Team Sports Gal

“When your team loses, calories don't count,” she captioned this photo. Side note: That is not what I look like when I eat chicken wings.

She’s A Proud Aunt

Kristina has a niece and will be pulling double aunt duty in May when her sibling welcomes another baby.

She Loves Country Music

It’s only natural that as a Kentucky native, Kristina frequents country music shows.

She Truly Loves Her Friends

If there’s anything to learn from Kristina’s Instagram, it’s that she loves her friends dearly. “Blessed to have such sweet friends in my life,” she wrote, “Thank you for your constant support and encouragement. Couldn't get to where my life is taking me without you.”

She Could Be Good At Bowling

Or maybe not, but she still looks great in her bowling gear.

She Crushes The Kentucky Derby Hat Game

Living in Kentucky also gives you access to the best hat event of the year. It doesn't surprise me at all that Kristina attends the fancy event.

She Travels Around The US A Lot

From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago and Nashville, Kristina has had some pretty fun trips over the last year or so. I wonder if the Los Angeles trip had anything to do with auditioning for the show, though?

She’s Also The Mom To A Cat

Who says you can’t be a dog and a cat person? Her cat Bentley is pretty damn cute.

Even if Kristina doesn't win Nick's heart, she sure is winning the Instagram game.