12 TV Shows & Movies On Netflix About Dogs That'll Cure Any Ruff Day

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It's impossible to look at a dog and not have a huge grin spread across your face. They're lovable, furry creatures who want nothing more than to make your life better. (And considering the current political climate right now, we need all the help we can get on that front.) Netflix knows this, which is why they're releasing an original documentary series titled Dogs, which further highlights just how pivotal our canine companions are to our lives. The project is set to premiere on Nov. 16, however, there are already a ton of TV shows and movies on Netflix about dogs that you can enjoy in the meantime. Because, honestly, is there really such a thing as too much dog content?

Whether it's in the form of animation or real life, this streaming service provides a wide range of content that proves exactly why dogs have always been human's best friend. When the chips are down and you've had a particularly rough (ruff?) day, your furry friend is always there with a few loving licks and endless cuddles on the couch. So if you're in the mood for something adorable, pull up some of these options on Netflix and let these animals leave a few extra paw prints on your heart.

1. Little Rascals

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The main part of the story may be about the kids, but let's face it, the movie just wouldn't be the same without their loyal sidekick, Petey.

2. Precious Puppies


What's even better than a documentary about dogs? How about one about puppies?

3. Cats & Dogs

It's the ultimate dogs vs. cats battle that's just as high stakes as it is downright adorable.

4. Benji

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hold your pup extra close that night.

5. 101 Dalmatians

Come for Glenn Close's absolutely brilliant performance as Cruella de Vil, stay for the various adorable puppy sightings.

6. Santa Buddies

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Because puppies and North Pole adventures offer up the perfect recipe to keep you merry all year round.

7. Bolt

This canine superstar will keep you entertained for hours on end. Even animated dogs are insanely cute.

8. The Search For Santa Paws

Santa's little helper will have you squealing at your TV screen long after the credits have stopped rolling.

9. Fuller House

The Tanner family had Comet, and now the Fuller family has Cosmo, who is equally as lovable as his predecessor.

10. Turner & Hooch

The ultimate buddy cop movie that only gets better with time — just keep the tissues handy.

11. A Dog's Life

Ever wonder how a dog views the world? This documentary explores the answer to that question and could make you start to see your furry companion in a completely different light.

12. Frasier

Eddie and Frasier's ongoing staring contests will forever be a hilarious aspect to the series. This little guy stole the spotlight whenever he appeared on-screen.

As you can see, life is always better when dogs are involved. So go forth and let your canine marathon commence!