12 Underrated 'Full House' Life Lessons

by Lakecia Hammond
Warner Bros. Television

As children, we all had a few TV families that we grew up with. Most of them had their quirks and imperfections, but that didn't stop us from catching every episode of their shows and learning a little something along the way. In particular, Full House taught us a lot with a relatively simple premise: the show starred a widowed dad raising his daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and best friend. Together, they were able to get through life's hiccups, though not without a few teaching moments for the Tanner house and for viewers like you and me.

I loved watching those resolution scenes where even kids like myself understood the purpose of the episode. Sure, they were small lessons, but some stuck with me for a lifetime. Since the three Tanner girls covered different age groups, and the storylines followed the adults as well as the children, the show always had a little something to take away for the whole family.

Though looking back at the episodes might make the series seem very dated, none of these Full House lessons we learned are antiquated. Hopefully, I'm not the only one who thinks that they can still be useful for people of all ages in 2017.


Peer Pressure Sucks

Stephanie's cigarette moment was a quintessential peer-pressure moment on television, and we all know that feeling. Sometimes, it's better to follow the beat of your own drum.


Talk Things Out

Sometimes, we just need to let it all out. I'm guilty of bottling, and it never ends well.


Saving Money Is Hard AF

Bills, bills, bills. The struggle is so real.


Don't Be Afraid To Use Your Charm

Sometimes, there's no rhyme or reason for how much you just effed up. That's where your charm superpower comes in.


Value Teamwork

Sure, working independently is great sometimes, but when you have a team with the same mission, it's amazing how much can get done.


Never Shy Away From The Dance Floor

Girl, you better.


Bribing Works Sometimes

Need the dirt? Find their weakness.


Music Is An Escape

Sometimes, you just need to shut the world off and zone out.


Dogs Are Hard To Train

Really, they're the worst but still the best.


You're Never Too Young To Start A Business

We learned quickly that 10 cents per cup wasn't going to pay the bills... or pay for toys.


Boys Can Be Mean

Some of us had to learn the hard way.


Try To Have Self-Confidence

Never apologize for being imperfect and fabulous. Self-confidence is about liking yourself because of your flaws, not just in spite of them.

All in all, Full House had life down pat... kind of. And we're all a little bit more together because we had the Tanners as our guide.