You Can Learn These Life Skills In 5 Minutes

Whether they're things you use every day or something you won't find you need until a decade from now, odds are you'll never regret learning certain valuable life skills — especially they only take a short time to learn and perfect. That's why it's so useful to see a viral AskReddit thread where Redditors are exchanging information on the skills they've picked up that have proved useful over the course of their lives. The best part? Each of these skills only require about five minutes of your time to pick up. I don't know about you, but I'd consider that to be time well spent.

What's more, many of these skills don't require a class, training, or specialized background to develop, making them accessible for a wide range of people. There are plenty of resources on the internet and in local community spaces that offer free or reduced rates for learning skills, ranging from First Aid to computer programming, making it even easier to expand your abilities.

In this particular thread, Redditors discuss skills you can develop from five minutes of learning. Of course, five minutes of learning might actually mean five minutes of practice a day (not five minutes flat); the skill in question might also rely on prior knowledge of another skill. Still, learning new things can feel less overwhelming when broken into manageable chunks, and five minutes seems like the perfect line.

Below, check out 12 of my favorites — and be sure to check out the full range of suggestions over at AskReddit.


Good Posture


There is no end to the health benefits you get from practicing good posture. While you probably won't be able to change your posture overnight (breaking old habits and building new ones both take time), you can definitely get into the habit of practicing good posture on a daily basis.




Learning how to meditate for just a few minutes a day can still be extremely valuable to your mental health.


How To Wash Your Hands Properly



Getting Familiar The Signs Drowning


Even if you aren't a lifeguard, it's really important to be able to recognize the signs of drowning, especially if you're going to the beach, pool, hot-tub, or so on.


Basic Knot-Tying Skills


Learning how to tie basic knots is a skill a lot of learned as kids, and is still valuable today.


Basic Car Maintenance


Even if you don't own your own vehicle, it's useful to know basic car maintenance, including how to change a tire, in case you ever rent or borrow someone else's car.


Learning The Common Signs Of A Stroke


The above comment breaks it down well. Knowing the common signs of a stroke can literally save someone's life!


Key Financial Skills


Not everyone still uses a paper checkbook, but spending time on your budget and finances every day is an excellent skill and habit to develop.




You can find plenty of good tutorials and videos online, but it's also a great idea to check out free and reduced classes in your area where you can actually become CPR certified to boot!


This Very Specific Car-Related Skill


Again: Even if you don't own your own vehicle, basic car skills can help you or a loved one in need at a moment's notice.


Knife Skills


Boosting your kitchen skills is always a good idea. Who doesn't love a delicious meal?




As an English major myself, I don't love math. But keeping up with basic math skills is never a bad move, especially if you make a game out of it. Heck, it can even help relieve your stress!