How Joey Gladstone Changed Over The Years

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Sometimes, no matter how much I love the classic early '90s sitcom, I still can't wrap my head around Joey Gladstone's role in Full House. He shows up on the Tanners' doorstep in the wake of Pam's death and then mostly pops up to provide wackiness and occasional child-rearing. It really makes you wonder how Uncle Joey changed over the course of the Full House franchise.

The short answer is, "probably not a lot," at least personality wise, and truth be told I can't say that he ever really refined that Bullwinkle impression. But ultimately raising three ersatz nieces over the years had a real positive affect on televisions favorite(?) man-child. Full House documents this journey in rare moments of seriousness (cue the inspirational music). And Netflix Fuller House sees many of his old dreams from the original series actually realized.

In the case of Joey Gladstone, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Generally speaking, it helped that he was able to find a loving audience (professionally and otherwise). But ultimately there are certain notable differences we could touch upon. For your consideration, here are all the ways Uncle Joey changed in the past two decades.


He Learned To Get Along With Uncle Jesse

It's hard to remember that these two weren't always bromantic, but easy to understand. Jesse is a super cool young hotshot, and Joey is a slapstick comedian, so tensions were somewhat high when they first joined forces in the full house.


He Got A Catchphrase

I'm pretty sure you weren't allowed to exist on this show without a catchphrase, and thus Joey was given, "Cut. it. out."


And His Hair Got A Bit Less Mullet-y

Same thing with Jesse too, though, this is more symptomatic of the late '80s transitioning to the early '90s.


He, More Or Less, Learned How To Watch After Three Young Girls

Him and Jesse can't even change a diaper properly in the first episode, plus there was the time they monumentally effed up and let the girls stay up late to watch a Tiffany performance. He toughens up perhaps a little too much in the wake of that, but ultimately Joey learned how to balance being a wacky uncle and parent-stand-in a bit better.


And He Realized That Families Can Still Fight AND Love Each Other

In that same episode we learn that Joey came from a very strict, argumentative background, and the best part of being with the Tanners is being surrounded by love. He doesn't want to become "Mr. Discipline," but he realizes that just because he grounds DJ like, once, doesn't mean she'll hate him forever.


He Made Peace With His Military Officer Father

Speaking of that strict upbringing, Joey encounters his estranged father Colonel Gladstone in "Viva Las Joey" and surprisingly enough the Colonel does not approve of Joey's lifestyle... and incidentally, missed out on a lot of Joey's childhood performances and milestones. But once he sees Joey's act, he softens and respects his son's passion. Insert studio audience "Awwwww" here.


However, He Realized He Needed To Substantiate His Stand Up Career In Other Ways

You need to have another way to channel those comedic energies, or at least a DJ. Thus, he initially joins forces with Jesse at J&J Creative Service to make a whole bunch of jingles.


He Became The Face Of A Children's Show

And a beautiful face at that. No, The Ranger Joe Show was a really wise career move on Joey's part, and definitely some of Mr. Woodchuck's best work.


And Ultimately Swung Back Into Stand-Up Comedy

Fuller House makes it clear that after years and career changes, Joey ultimately is making it work as a stand-up comedian in Vegas. But more than that...



Like, seriously, the man was there for nearly a decade, it was craziness.


And Got A Family Of His Own

In a very real and biological way: Fuller House season two confirms that Joey is married to a magician named Ginger (this feels right) and has a quartet of blonde children of his own.